Deep pages

Highlight your businesses services and features with bite-size, focused pages



What exactly is a 'Deep Page'?

Deep pages are pages dedicated to a particular services or features that you want your website to highlight. They are minimal on design and content compare to a normal 'top tier' web page, but have the added benefit of allowing you to optimise a whole page to one specific service that you provide.






Minimal Design, Maximum Exposure

Deep pages are not design masterpieces with lengthy content - they're a platform for you to give your businesses services and features the spotlight, optimised to tell the world 'This Is What We Do!'.

Think simple, to the point and crunchy. 





Clone Your Deep Pages

Once you have created your first deep page, you have a template. Using this design you can now clone the page as many times as you need, changing the content by keeping the design structure.

With the ability to clone your deep pages your website will feel consistent and professional.



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You can create multiple series of different deep pages in folders. For example, 



(These will be clickable John boxes which open and display more text)

Fast to create



Self-generating gallery

Instantly updateable

Extendable layout

Easy to standardise

Multiple Folders of different page types






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