The process

There are many challenges to successfully designing a website.  You and your business are unique.  How do we make sure you understand how we work? How do we fit around you, your busy life and continually make sure we are all on the same page and prevent wasted work and expense.  We’ve squeezed 18 years and thousands of website designs into an effortless 5 step process that we call the DotGO way. 

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The people

 Behind every website is a small team of professional talented people. 

Your dedicated designer 

If we are building your website, the most visible person will be your designer.  You will get to know your designer well as they build it with care and love 

As you share ideas, aspirations and your vision, they use their skill to bring this to life with a website that matched your business.  They will not leave you until the website is complete and handed over.


website design for small businesses in UK

Your professional writer  

Working alongside the designer is your professional content writer.  Writing copy for a website is difficult.  Unlike a brochure or written document, you never know which page your visitor will land on first.  They create great copy that takes your customers on a journey. Getting found on Google is not easy and demands lots of rich unique content that Google and Bing can rank you for.  This is all part of the role of your content writer.

website design for small businesses in UK


The design portal

But how do we bring together all your knowledge and the talents of your team together.  We have a lot of questions to ask and you have a lot of ideas and knowledge to give us.  Sitting at the heart of the process is a fantastic collaborative working environment that we call the Design Portal.  the design portal connects you with your designer and your writer.  Everything discussed and uploaded is captured, every email and meeting is preserved. You watch as your ideas are understood and your website comes to life.





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Our Sales Team

 Meet Josh

Josh is super friendly & really easy to talk to.  He is a massive sports fan (but please don’t get him talking about Man United!).  Fun fact: he loves spiders (2 pet tarantulas) 

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 Meet Fabio

The office joker and a real family man. Eloquent, intelligent and empathetic. Fabio will always give you honest, no-nonsense advice.  Fun fact: favourite drink Kraken rum


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