This week the DotGO design team has chosen RLW Contractors as their website of the week.

RLW Contractors offer professional pond construction and maintenance services to landowners across the Midlands. Their construction services range from the design and build of wildlife ponds, reservoirs and even swimming ponds - a dream for wild swimming enthusiasts!

They also offer landscaping and clearance services. 

With over 20 years of experience, very competitive rates and a focus on providing a truly environmentally friendly service - check out the amazing work RLW Contractors can provide.

You can contact RLW Contractors on 07729 536805.


I spoke to John, the designer of RLW Contractors about what he enjoyed most when building the website:


"Rich from RLW Contractors really wanted the website to come across as simple, professional, informational & vibrant. It was also extremely important to him that it be found in several counties. We decided the best route to take was to create landing pages for all the areas he wanted to be found for. The process for him was an easy one.

We had a couple of conversation to figure out what he wanted and needed from this website, the pictures we should use and the keywords we should move forward with. After that he just needed to be patient whilst we built his beautiful new website.

And about 1 week after going live, he's had his first enquiry!"



"My favourite feature of this website is the overall home page layout (and the landing pages as well) as I feel that it looks great and makes it easy for customers to find what they need whether that is contact details or more information."


If you are looking for a professional website get in touch with DotGo to find out more about our process and prices.