Blogs are an essential part of your small business website. They allow you to provide your customers with information, news and updates. However coming up with new content ideas can be a real struggle sometimes. If you’re all out of ideas, then why not explore all of your old blog posts? You’ll be amazed at how many unexplored topics you find.

Write sequels to your posts

The easiest way to come up with content ideas from old blog posts is by asking yourself which ones need a sequel. Whatever industry you work in, things change over the years. Perhaps you have a post on your e-commerce website discussing the consequences of Brexit on your industry. With a no-deal Brexit looking a real possibility, then you may want to explore this issue in a new blog post.

Write spinoffs to your posts

If you have a particularly meaty post with a lot of ideas or topics then you may have topics which you didn’t cover in any detail. All you need is a piece of information that wasn’t the main topic of the blog post – this could be a subheading, story or statistic. When you have created the post, make sure you link back to it in all connected posts.

Respond to your posts

If you have any comments and responses to your old blog posts, search through them. If you have any questions or requests, see if you can create content out of this. Maybe you haven’t thought about a particular issue, or perhaps someone has given you a new perspective. If so, explore this in a new blog post.

Fill gaps in your posts

How many times have you created a blog post and forgotten to mention something important? Go back through all of your old blog posts and find out what you’ve missed. If you can’t find anything, look for posts that are now obsolete and outdated. These will make excellent new blog posts.

Correct your posts

People rarely admit that they’re wrong. However, when they do it makes great reading. If you’re brave enough, then find an old blog post you wrote that gets it seriously wrong. There’ll be lots of areas which you can explore which will provide you with lots of juicy content for your blog post. Because people rarely discuss mistakes they’ve made, this will also make your content a lot more interesting to read.

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