La Bella chocolates first joined DotGO in 2020 selling hand-made, luxury chocolates through our ecommerce platform.

During that time, La Bella have shipped delicious chocolates, truffles and stunning gift boxes across the country to chocolate lovers and present-seekers alike.

Business owner and chocolatier Jayne Sinclair has since launched a fantastic new service – chocolate therapy.

By combining her professional background in counselling and therapy with her life-long love of chocolate, her chocolate therapy service is aimed at creating a safe, creative and relaxed environment for children and young adults to open up while creating some delicious, messy treats.

Operating from her own private practice in Merseyside, as well as working in primary and secondary schools, Jayne has worked with young people for many years. Her background combined with her creative spirit led her to develop chocolate therapy as a way to break down barriers and help children build confidence and feel comfortable in a fun environment to open up.

One of the many perks of working at DotGO is getting to watch our clients grow and evolve their businesses over time - and La Bella is a perfect example. By taking her two loves and creating a brand new service that is not just unique, but practical and beneficial, Jayne deserves to be recognised.


I caught up with Jayne recently to discuss her journey with us so far:


I am so happy I found DotGO – My new business venture La Bella Chocolate needed to be an e-commerce website. My previous site had proved and worked very well for me, but it was not used for selling a direct product through this site. So, trying to find the right one for me was a bit daunting! I’m not the most tech savvy person, so I knew I was going to need a lot of guidance and support.

Luckily my previous website host recommended DotGO to me, and because I trusted them and had been with them for a long time, it was my best bet.

So, I sent an email over to them. And my journey began with DotGO. They were super quick to respond, and I had the wonderful pleasure in speaking with Fabio! My new business was a total career change, I was nervous, but very excited and passionate. Fabio was very patient in listening to me ramble on to try and get my concept of my new business over to him.

He totally got it and he sensed my passion and enthusiasm and it was like he was on my journey with me. That is one thing I loved about the process, is that they are on your journey with you. It is not just another website or business to them. They get excited with you and encourage you all the way on your venture, to make the best site for you, no matter how big or small!

They are always around to ask advice and take on board any changes as you grow. My business has done just that over the past couple of years, it has evolved and grown, so I needed my website to reflect this, and they have just helped me recently in adding a new page and lots of tips around focusing on my blog!

The tech team are amazing. I am always sending emails over to ask questions when I get stuck or not clear on anything. They are very patient and understanding and nothing is ever a bother to them.

 The e-commerce part of my site is so professional. I do love it. It is so easy to navigate and there is lots of step-by-step guides and information on every aspect of your website to help you along the way.

Thank you DotGO for being on my chocolate adventure with me and designing a fabulous website and supporting me every step of the way.




You can find out more about Jayne’s chocolate therapy service here:

And of course, don’t forget to check her online shop to order a box or two of her incredible chocolates!




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