Catering for Mobile Customers

build a websiteWhen you build a website for your business, it won’t just be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. These days, it will more frequently and more likely to be viewed on a mobile phone. The IPhone, no longer a unique mobile office, has quickly been joined by a huge choice of smart phones nearly all of which offer internet access and good quality website viewing ability.

Three and a half billion people have mobile phones these days, that’s half the population of the planet! And if a good percentage of those mobile phones offer internet access, it provides and enormous addition audience who are surfing on the go. It’s just one more reason why every single business should have an online presence in some form or another. 

One question we’ve been asked is – “Is there anything you can do to make your website mobile friendly?”
One thing you could do is to keep your home page simple and clean. Only include the most important information, making it very clear what you do and what’s on offer. Make sure you include all your keywords in your text of course but try to avoid have a huge page of information with masses of images, which could prove tricky to see on a small screen. 

Make it easy for mobile phone surfers to be able to click through to your other pages by including big clear internal links or highly visible buttons on your home page. Nearly all mobile browsers have the facility to zoom into a page but if your home page is designed with them in mind it will encourage more response. If mobile surfers can see what they need and even click through to other pages without having to play about with the page too much they’ll be far more inclined to do so.

Make things easy for mobile shoppers and customers.

Another great thing to remember is that if your website features an online shop using paypal, people can purchase from you without having to even touch their credit cards. Potential customers are now people who could be anywhere in the world with nothing but their mobile and they can go shopping – at your shop! Make sure you cater for these people and make things simple for them by keeping your website simple. 

To add visible page links, keep the link text short and sweet and set it in bold caps so that it’s easy to read and click. Highlight your short link text and then click the yellow “Insert Link” button on your editor icon bar. To link to a page select: webpage > internal webpage > webpage and select the page from your drop down list. Or to link straight to an item or group of items in your shopping cart, choose: webpage > internal webpage > item or group > then select the item or group from the drop down list.

build a website

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