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Building a website for your business starts with your home page where you include enticing information, inviting images and a clear idea of what the rest of your site offers. Once you have done this you could merely rely on the normal navigation bar buttons to allow visitors to click through to other pages but a little more persuasion is always a good idea. Creating links through to specific pages with inviting statements or invitations will encourage more people to go further into your site, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

build a websiteYou may have created a great products index page showing all the product ranges you offer with some great images, so why leave it to chance that someone will find it. SHOUT about it. Include a line on your home page such as: “Click here to see our exciting product ranges” and link that line to the specific product page.

To do this:

Enter your line of text in a fairly prominent place on your home page. Once you’re happy with the position of your invitation, highlight the whole line using your mouse and then click the yellow “Insert Link” button on your editor icon bar. Choose Webpage > internal webpage > webpage > select the page you want from the drop down website and click add to website. Set it in a Header tag so it stands out and maybe set it in a different colour text to the rest of the page content to make sure that visitors spot it easily and are encouraged to click through.

build a websiteYou may have a special offers page, which changes regularly (always a good idea!). If so, you could create a permanent Special Offers Board on your home page showing your top or most recent offers with a link to the special offers page for full details of all the offers you are offering. You don’t want to overpower the page with something too large so it’s best to choose just one or two offers and make it clear that there are more available (if there are...) at the bottom of your special offers board.

To do this:

Choose where on your home page you’d like the board to sit, top right corner is always a good spot. Place your cursor into the rough position on your page and click the Blue “Insert Table“ button on your editor icon bar. For a special offers board with 2 special offers, a title and a “more offers” link, choose rows and 1 column. (You can of course chose as many rows and columns as you need – you can also add more at a later time if need be).
- Choose a border thickness (around 3-5 is good).
- Choose Right Alignment.
- In the Caption Box –enter “Special Offers!” or indeed whatever title you would like.
- Choose  the width of your Offers Board – around 150 - 250 pixels wide should be sufficient, without taking up too much room.
- Click Add to website.
You should now have a table with a special offers caption at the top right of your page. You can drag and drop the table to move it if you need to tweak its position a little.
- In the first Row enter a brief title and details for your special offer with a small image (Image should be around 150 pixels wide so that it doesn’t take up much room). In the same row add the text: “Click for Details”. - Highlight this text and click the yellow “Insert Link” button. Choose Webpage > internal webpage > webpage > select the page you want from the drop down website and click add to website.
Do the same for the next offer.
Finally, add a line of text in the bottom row such as: “Click for All Special Offers” and add the same link.
This way visitors to your home page have some really inviting information and a simply one click route to see more. Internal Links like this can be used throughout your website to make it quick and easy for visitors to move around and find what they need.

 build a website

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