build a websiteKeeping it Fresh with the Seasonal Events

If you’ve used the reason8 Website Builder to build a stunning website for your business, well done! You’ve created that all important online presence for your business and now customers both new and old can find you online and get access to all your information, products, services and contact details. Your websites control panel also makes it really simple for you to keep your customers both new and old informed of seasonal discounts, news, special offers and new products and services on offer.

Keeping your website fresh and full of new information is extremely effective for several reasons.

Firstly – for your customers, it keeps them interested and gives them ongoing reasons to visit your website regularly and more importantly will encourage them to make purchases or place orders or enquiries with you. Many previous visitors may have checked out your website previously but may not have been in the market to make a purchase yet. By offering new products and services and special offers and discounts etc., you are giving them more incentive to respond positively to your business and get in touch. 

Secondly – for the search engines, a website, which changes its content and is being updated regularly is far more likely to be included in their search lists than a website, which has sat unchanged and stagnant for months on end. A website that doesn’t change could well have been forgotten and may no longer be a live online business. The search engines like to provide their browsers with lists of active websites, which provide good up to date information and new and exciting information, services and products. 

If your website offers frequent updates and exciting special offers, internet users will visit those websites to make sure they are not missing out on any great deals. 

One simple way to keep your website fresh and new is to include a special offers box in a prominent place on your home page, which highlights new products or services and any special seasonal discounts you may be offering. 

build a websiteYou could also add a NEWS box on your home page, which changes regularly to highlight useful information, achievements, industry news, awards your company has won or even just seasonal greetings.
Seasons and calendar events have become huge commercial opportunities, which thousands of companies take advantage of. There’s no reason why you can’t sell certain stock or offer introductory services with a special “Easter Discount”, or run a “Summer Special” or even a regular Weekend Bonanza. Thousands of businesses use the seasons and special dates to take advantage of boosts in public spending so why not join in with a few special deals of your own. There are no rules on what you can and can’t do when it comes to special offers and discounts so let your imagination run wild and create some regular annual specials to highlight each year on your website. In time visitors will check out your website around these special times to see what you are offering. 

Generate more response and increase the traffic to your site in one go.

build a website

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