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Whether you already have a website or are still planning to build a website. Reason8 have some amazing new designs to help you create a stunning website to portray your business in the best possible light. A new design or redesign for your website will attract the attention and response you want and provide the best possible first impression to new internet users and new potential customers. These new designs can not only be used on your website but could also be the basis of any marketing and brand awareness you create.

build a website

With a host of business types catered for within the design menu, you can be sure to find the perfect backdrop for your online business. From the main menu you can clearly see a range of website designs to suit different business types. Or you can choose by colour to match an existing company colour scheme, by Style to match your business style: – traditional, contemporary, unusual, funky, simple, fresh or dark or by Type: - fun, generic, indulgence, materialistic, nature or serious. 

build a website

Once you have chosen a design you like, it takes just minutes to add your company name or even add your own images.  When you have created your online business image you could then use the look and feel of your new website design to create business cards, literature and advertisements to create continuity for your company image. 

If you’re feeling a little more creative you can even create your own design from scratch, selecting the background colours, text styles and image presentation and effects to create a bespoke website for your business. The flexibility and ingeniousness of the template builder system makes it both simple and fun to match an existing corporate image you may already have. Continuing the exposure of your existing image or brand awareness is highly recommended as then visitors will easily recognise your website from any previous literature or marketing you have done in the past. It will also maximise the recognition of business cards, logo’s and advertisements. 

When you are considering advertising or marketing, your website can become a very handy tool indeed. Many advertising executives or graphic designers can work from your website to create advertisements, leaflets, business cards, headed paper etc., etc. By providing a ready supply of images, logo’s, slogans and key information, it makes things very easy to create whole portfolios of marketing literature, which will of course work in harmony with your website to create a very professional image indeed. 

When the public see your advertisements or leaflets and then visit your website, they will immediately feel a familiar sense of recognition if the designs are similar. This sense of familiarity will in turn create a feeling of trust and reassurance. Rather than being the first time they have seen your business, it will be the second or third time due to continuation you have created both online and on paper.
So whether you already have a website or are planning one now. Don’t just think website think corporate image and combine your online image with your marketing to generate maximum recognition and response.

build a website 

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