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build a websiteAs part of all business website packages with Reason8, you are provided with a forwarding email address using your own domain name. For example, if your domain name is you will be given an email address with your website such as or In fact, when you build a website with Reason8, you can pick whatever prefix you want for your email address. Using your professional email address both on your website and on any literature you produce will portray your company in a professional way and will help to create a good first impression. If you didn’t already have a professional email address with your domain, you may have been using a personal email address. In this blog we will show you how to set up your email program to display your email address when clients reply to you.

You can have as many email addresses as you like with a Reason8 website, which is useful if you have various aspects to your business. You could have:,,, etc., etc. This can help you manage the responses and enquiries you receive by directing certain email enquiries to the relevant departments.

Email forwarding passes email from one address to another. An Email forwarding service automatically forwards all mail received at one of your forwarding professional address to another address, such as your main existing email, which is most commonly provided by an internet provider. I.e. might be forwarded to This allows you to have several professional email addresses while keeping your main email address private, and it enables you to collect all your mail in one place.

When potential clients contact you they will have more confidence in your company if they are emailing a professional address associated with your domain name than if they are emailing a personal email address such as Their confidence will also be re-assured when they receive a reply from the same professional email address. 

You can actually set your reply address to whatever you want.

build a websiteHow to set your Reply Email address (These steps only work for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail) but if you’re using different email software, simply type in set reply address - **email programme** into your search bar and you should easily find a step by step guide.
First - open up your Mail program. (You should already have set up your main email to run in whatever program you are using)
Click on "Tools" > "Accounts" > "Mail Tab". Then click on your default mail account to highlight it and click on "Properties".
On the General Tab under "User Information", the "Name" is the name that will show in the reply address. You can change this if you wish – you could even enter your company name.
Under "User Information", the "E-mail address" is the reply address. This is where you can now change your reply address to your new professional forwarding email address.
Under "User Information", the "Reply address" is provided if you want your "From" address and your "Reply" address to be different. We recommend not using this feature. Instead, place your reply address in the "E-mail address" box.

Now click OK. That's it, you have now changed the address that will show as the “From” address when you send an email and that your clients will now use to Reply to you.

 build a website

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