New Header Designs Available!

build a websiteIf you need to build a website for your business and want a professional looking design, which you can create in a matter of minutes, then look no further! Reason8 website builders have been discovering the amazing new Template Builder facility, which provides all the tools necessary to create a professional looking website quickly and easily.  You can literally create your header and website design in minutes and there are now even more design choices to ensure you find a look that perfectly suits your business.

Should you need help with any step of creating your new header and website design, click here to check out a series of tutorials created to help you get the very best out of Template Designer.

Starting from scratch?

From Reason8’s home page, simply click the “View our Designs” box and you’ll be presented with a host of fantastic header designs which you can adapt in a matter of minutes to promote your business.  Simply browse through the designs on the page clicking “Next, Last or Previous. Or you can search for something more specific by using the categories:  Styles – traditional, contemporary, unusual, funky, simple, fresh or dark. Or by Type – fun, generic, indulgence, materialistic, nature or serious. You can even search for header designs by colour, which is ideal if you already have a certain colour scheme in mind.

A sneak preview.

build a websiteOnce you’ve chosen a design you like simply click it to get started. Your design choice will be displayed in full size with sample text and images to show you how it could look. You can then choose to edit the design to add your own company name, logo’s, slogans. Everything you see can be changed - Add your own text and images. Add and delete pages and even change the style of your navigation buttons.  If you’re not sure about the design you’ve chosen, simply click “View more Designs” to go back and choose a different one.

Ready in minutes!

It really is possible to have a website design ready to go in minutes.
build a websiteOnce you’ve chosen a design you like and clicked to edit it, you can quickly add your business name and slogan etc in no time at all. Start by double clicking the sample business name in the header and this line of text will open in the editor. In the very top box (“Enter Text Here”) showing the basic text, simply replace the name there with your own business name. No choose a font size, colour, settings and effects and watch your header transform as you work! You can do the same with the sample slogan and any other sample text you see. You can also “Add More Text” and include new lines of text yourself, such as a phone number or email address etc.

If you have a logo or any images you’d like on your header, then click the IMAGES tab to upload and drag and drop them into place. You can amend the size and effects of your logo and / or images to make them look great on your new header.

Don’t forget your login link.

Don’t forget to add a login link to your header by attaching it to any of your images or lines of text. To do this simply highlight the image or line of text you’d like to use and under the effect tab, choose “your Login Page” from the drop down menu. Now when you next come to work on your new website, you simply need to click the image or text you chose as your login link and your login page will open.

You can chop and change the images and text as much as you like until you’re happy with your design. Have fun!

build a website

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