build a websiteMore Reasons to put your business online. 

There are so many reasons why you should have a website for your business in today’s technological climate and a few of them are set out below for you. Build a website for your business and you create a cost-effective way for you to communicate with both potential and existing clients and it can widen your horizons to a global community. The benefits are endless and when weighed up against very reasonable costs, its a must have for any business, whatever the size.

Effective use of email as a communication tool.

With every business website from Reason8, you are provided with a professional email address. Using your professional email address both on your website and on any literature you produce will portray a professional image of your company and will help to create a good first impression. When potential clients contact you they will have more confidence in your company if they are emailing a professional address associated with your domain name than if they are emailing a personal email address such as You can have as many email addresses as you like with a Reason8 website, which is useful if you have various aspects to your business. Different email addresses can help you manage the responses and enquiries you receive by directing certain email enquiries to the relevant departments. 

Generate Awareness 

build a websiteA website can promote your business 24 hours, 7 days a week to an audience bigger than any other medium: TV, Radio, Press etc. Nothing else offers this flexibility. If your business (as most businesses do…) relies on the acquisition and distribution of up-to date information, you cannot afford not to be online. Your customers can gain quick and easy access to current stock lists or delivery schedules, price lists and brochures for your goods and services at any time they need them, just by looking up the relevant page on your website. Just imagine, one price list change and the whole world can see it instantly without the reprinting and distribution of expensive catalogues. 

A fraction of the cost of advertising. 

Even the cheapest ads in newspapers or magazines are more expensive than running your website! And usually the cheapest ads are tiny boxes or even lineage, restricting you to a couple of lines of information. If you look at adverts in the press these days, many of these small ads simply have a company name, slogan and a website address as it is impossible to get that much information into an ad – unless the readership are provided with magnifying glasses of course! There is just no competition between an effectively optimised website and press advertising. Press just can’t come close to providing the readership, information capacity, interaction facilities, flexibility etc., etc., etc. 

Selling online 

build a websiteDirect sales over the web provide the most convenient way for people to shop. As the use of credit cards far surpasses the number of cash payments taking place and the increasing flexibility and speed of postage services, it’s no wonder that online market has exploded in the way it has over the last few years. Being able to take secure credit card payments online can make a huge difference to your business and open your products and services up to people who quite possibly would never have become customers. 

Improve Communication 

A website offers all the information customers need to make a positive decision to buy. Keeping potential and existing customers aware of special offers and short term discounts can dramatically affect your opportunities to maximise profits. In addition to providing information, gaining information from potential customers is vital for your marketing to be successful. Information such as their interests, demographics, purchasing plans and of course contact details provide an invaluable target audience for all future marketing strategies. This level of information can help you tailor invitations for specific offers, products launches etc.

build a website

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