Why do I need a website?

build a websiteIn today’s technological climate where the internet is by far the most dominant market medium, it is surprising that many businesses do not yet have an online presence. Many of these businesses have considered getting a website but have hesitated for a number of reasons including; assumptions of high cost, insufficient technical ability, assumptions that building a website is a huge, complicated task??? Reason8 website builders of course know otherwise and have produced stunning websites with impressive functionality with ease. For those who have yet to discover this quick and easy website building experience, let’s look at some of the reasons  - “Why businesses should have a website?”

A website can save you time and money....

A website can do several marketing jobs for your business at one time. It can provide all the information your customers need about your business and can even handle the receipt and management of enquiries. Money can be saved by the elimination of expenses such as print and postage as information and replies can be displayed online and emailed. Even documents such as brochures can be made available as downloadable PDF’s.
Expenses incurred by running a high street shop can be avoided by switching to an e-commerce only business, saving money on expensive rent and utility bills.

A website is open 24 / 7

While you sleep and other high street shops are closed outside “normal business hours”, your website continues to market and sell your products. Customers can shop at their own convenience leading to more business.

build a websiteKeep customers up-to-date with new products and offers.

With Reason8 websites, new products or details of special offers etc can be added in a matter of seconds! Online Businesses are therefore able to capitalise on opportunities maximise profits.

People expect you to be online.

These days’ customers expect businesses to be online. If your business is not online, your competitors will be ones to benefit.

build a websitePortray a professional image for your business

A businesses first impression is a vital part of survival in today’s marketplace. A well designed website can portray your business in a positive and professional light. This can help you to attract more customers, win bigger contracts and even help you business to expand.

Keep up with and even beat your competition

It’s very likely that your competitors will have a website and so the 1000’s of potential customers currently searching online for products and services in your area will find them instead of you! By not having a website, you are simply throwing away potential business, which should rightfully be yours.

A website can increase the amount of business you do

Without a website you are losing business! If your website is out of date, difficult to navigate, not search engine optimised or creates an unprofessional, poor image of your business, you are losing business!

Reason8 can help you create a professional website within minutes for a lot less than you may imagine, so what are you waiting for…….

build a website

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