Using clickable email addresses.

build a websiteThere are large number of internet users who use web based email rather than standard windows email programs such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail. Sometimes these web based email systems have not been configured as the computers default email client and so will not react to clickable email links. Such people are therefore unable to use clickable email links from websites, which can be a problem for website builders. If you have customers who have experienced this problem, you can advise them that it is quite simple to set up their web based email as their “default email programme” on their computer so that when they click an email link, a new message window will open from their normal email system, allowing them to quickly and easily send emails.

Depending on their technical ability, the easiest option would be to contact their email provider (Aol, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., etc) who will be happy to guide them through this simple process. Alternatively, if you type “set up default email programme aol /  yahoo / gmail etc., ” into a browser search bar, you can find several step by step guides on how to set up your computer so that these programmes automatically open up when email links are clicked.

Alternatively they could set up their email accounts in Outlook Express or Windows Mail allowing them to send and receive their email via the standard windows email programmes, which should already be installed on their computers.  Step by step guides with pictures can easily be found online by typing “set up email in Outlook Express / Windows mail” into a search bar. Alternatively, their email providers’ website will have specific step by step guides on how to do this. 

build a websiteQuite often, if you open different email programs up on your computer a message will pop up asking if you want to use that program as your default email program. This is another very quick way to set a default email client.

Once the default email client is set, you can include your email address on any of your website pages as a clickable link, which clients can then simply click and a new email message will open up with your email address already in place.

Selecting an Email Program as Windows' Default Email Client

Configuring Windows' default email applications can also be accessed from Internet Explorer's options menu. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > (Internet) Options, and click the Programs tab. This will open up the control panel section for setting default programs. Click set programs and follow the steps to set program defaults on your computer.

Setting Unrecognized Programs as Windows' Default Email Client

Some email clients (very few) may not be recognized by Windows, which means that they will not show up in the list of candidates available to handle by default emails on Windows.
If the email program you want to set as the default email program in Windows is not available, check the email client's internal settings and options, or contact the email client vendor.

Most email applications can be set as Windows' default email client from the email program itself.

build a website 

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