What is SEO and how do Reason8 websites perform so well?

build a websiteSEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing create the search lists, which appear once an internet user has typed in certain keywords relating to the product, person, company or service that they are looking for. When you build a website, Reason8 uses amazing technology developed through years of research to help you create search engine friendly websites, which make it very easy for search engines to find your website when matching sites to searches.

Every single thing has certain keywords, which best describes it. When someone is looking for something online, they will type the first relevant words, which come to their mind into a search bar in order to view a list of all the items which match their choice of words. For instance, if you typed “kaffir limes wholesale” into a search bar, a list would be created with all the websites which feature or mention these words either on the page content or in the background of the website. If you actually type these in words to see for yourself, the first 4 spots on the search lists is actually a Reason8 website! The key to successfully appearing in these search lists is making your relevant keywords as visible as possible to the search engines and this is where build a websiteReason8 really excel. 

All Reason8 websites are built with search engines in mind and work to make your keywords extremely visible from several different areas of your website. This very clever system starts by examining the content, which you place on your pages and picking out the most relevant and effective keywords for you. It then creates a title, description and list of keywords for each and every page you create. Search lists all contain a Title, Description and Keywords for each listing and so this makes life easier for the search engines, which they do appreciate!

build a websiteIn step one you enter the keywords, which you feel best describes your business and this creates, what is called your “Top Key Phrase”. This key phrase, which contains your top 6 keywords is then made super visible to the search engines so that when an internet user types in the same keywords, the search engines know exactly where to find you and makes sure that you have a good position in their search list. One way in which your top key phrase is made visible is by attaching it to every single image you place on your pages. Hold your mouse over any of the images in a Reason8 website and you will see the top key phrase pop up in a little bar.

The more images you place the more your website shouts!

Reason8 websites achieve first-page listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo with amazing technology developed through years of research. You can get as involved in the way we use your keywords as much or as little as you like. If you want to leave it to us, we'll make all the Search Engine decisions for you based on our experience. If you want to be a bit more 'hands-on' we can give you simple tools, advice and support to help tweak your pages and get the best Search Engine results possible.

 build a website

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