Optimising your Website Pages - Summary 2 

build a websiteIn our last tutorial we looked at a Search Engine Optimisation summary so that you’ll know how to get the best performance when you build a website for your business with Reason8. Reason8 know an awful lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and in fact, your whole website has been built with search engines in mind. Many of the parts of your website both in the fore and background work hard 24/7 to make sure the search engines can see the keywords within your website and match them to the keywords entered by potential customers as they search for businesses like yours. Below are some more key steps to optimising your Reason8 website to its full potential.

1. Links Internal and External

There are two main types of links or (Hyperlinks) you should consider.
1) Internal Links are the links within your website that connect your pages together. It’s a good idea add links to your home or primary pages every time you create a new page so that visitors can easily find their way around. To add a Home page link to any page – log in and open it up in your editor and enter the words “Back to Home” or Home Page” at the bottom of the page. Highlight these words then click the yellow “insert link” icon and click “webpage” > “internal webpage” > “webpage” then select the page from the drop down menu.
2) External Links. These can be either Inbound or Outbound; Inbound are the most beneficial to you as they are external links from another website pointing to yours and so promotes and endorses your build a websitewebsite! Search engine also look at you more favourably when they compile their search lists if you have inbound links from other website, especially if they come from a website which also has a good position and ranking on the search lists. The more links you get coming into your website the better, as every link is like a vote for your site. The search engines also take into account the relevance of the sites who link to you, so why not ask your suppliers, or other local businesses to trade links? Many such companies are in the same position and may welcome the offer.

2. Submitting your site to Online Directories

As well as providing additional exposure of your site, directories can provide invaluable links for your site. Do be cautious who you register with though as there are those who make false promises of thousands of links are they are best to avoid. For a list of directories click here.

3. Keeping your website fresh and up to date

The search engines know when you modify your pages, especially if you have verified your site and submitted a sitemap. Search engines are more likely to include websites in their search lists if those websites are kept updated with new and interesting content. Not just for the benefit of the search engine…. Your customers and visitors will appreciate being kept informed of any new products, services or special offers too. As long as any changes you make are relevant, the search engines can see that the site is still active, and not one that has been forgotten and abandoned! A website should evolve and change with your business.

4. Patience is a Virtue

Unfortunately the search engines run at their own pace and nothing is instant. It can take up to 3 months to achieve your optimum position in the search lists and so there is nothing better with SEO than good old fashion time. If you get to the top in a few weeks you are lucky, but don’t be surprised if you find you sink back down the lists again before moving back up to reach your optimum position. Any changes you make also take time to have an effect so its best to avoid checking every day to see if you’ve moved up a spot as you will just get frustrated. It’s best to just forget about it and check every couple of weeks instead. There is no fast fix when it comes to SEO either so don’t fall for any impressive promises from SEO companies who claim to be able to get you to the top and keep you there. Your site will start out as the new one on the block and will need time to become established.

build a website4) Short of Time???

The Reason8 website builder has been created to allow absolutely anyone to successfully build and optimise an online presence for their business. But what if you desperately need a website or need help to optimise an existing website and simply don’t have the time? It may be something you’ve been thinking about for a long time or has probably been niggling at the back of your mind but you’re far too busy running your business. Don’t worry! Help is at hand. Reason8 can put you in touch with a company that specialises in optimising our sites. A standard SEO health check costs approximately 75 pounds, and can include the following:

1. Layout, quantity, quality and format of text content,
2. Improved navigation of pages,
3. Placement and format of key phrases and metatags,
4. Placement of images on website pages (as all images are tagged with your top key phrase)
5. Creation and placement of external hyperlinks on keywords.
6. Google verification and sitemap creation.
7. Submission to search engine directories.
(This service is provided by a third party, click here for details. 4TailConnections are not connected to Reason8. Any work carried out is contracted directly with them, and has no bearing on the service or contract with Reason8)

build a website 

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