Shopping Cart Management 

build a websiteManaging the stock in your online shop is an ongoing task and having a flexible system is vital to make your life easier. Once you have built a website and added all your shopping basket items, you have constant, easy access to manage the live stock via your flexible Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard. Your wizards includes options to move, edit or even temporarily hide items as and when required. All these changes can be made in seconds too so your customers won't be kept waiting to see your new and exciting stock!

Let’s look at these flexibilities. 

When you first build your online shop you can save yourself time and energy by pre-organising your items into clear and sensible categories. This not only makes your life easier when setting up your shop but also makes life easier for your customers. Having similar and related items in groups allows customers to look at both individual items or a whole group of related items and this can maximise sales! They may have been thinking about a certain product but by looking at a group of similar products, can have their attention brought to an alternative, which may suit their needs even better. 

Moving an item from one group to another. 

build a websiteSo, whether you are working on a brand new shop or have been running your online shop for a while now, it is very simple to move products around to group them strategically. To move an item from one group to another simply login to your control panel > go to Step 4 > either add your new item or find and click to edit an existing item. In the top section of your item editor, you will see the options: Item Name:, Item Code:, Item Price:, New Image:, Visibility: and In Group:. Next to “In Group”, click the drop down menu and here you will see the other groups available. Choose which group you would like to move your item to. 

If at this point you decide it would be best to create a new group, simply click the Step 4 button at the top of the page > click Settings > Group Settings > and below your existing groups on the right, click the “Create a new group” link > enter the name of your new group and click next. The system will open a new item window but just click Step 4 again and locate the item you wish to move again. Click to edit and select your new group from the drop down menu > click next. That’s it, your item is now in its new group and so when you create a link from your product / sales pages, it will be shown along with the other items in that group. 

Hiding Out of Stock items. 

At certain times, stock items will be in and out of stock. At any time you can simply choose to hide or show items within seconds. Again in the top section of your item editor, you will see the “Visibility” option. In the drop down box, choose from “Item is being shown” or “Item is hidden”. The item stays in your wizard ready to be used as and when it is available. 

Replacing Old Stock with New 

It is also really simple to make slight amendments to the details of existing items in your wizard when new but similar stock replaces old stock. Once in the editor, simply make the changes necessary to the name, code, price and image and click next. The new details are immediately shown.

build a website 

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