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build a websiteOnce you’ve built a website for your business, the main objective of your website is to generate response from internet users and visitors. Your Reason8 website makes sure that your contact page is your main priority as you will enter your contact details in step one of your control panel. There are however a number of alternative ways to encourage your website visitors to make contact with you.

Let’s look at how your potential customers can get hold of you.

Once you’ve entered all your contact information in step 1, you can choose how visitors to your website can access your standard contact us page.

Navigation Menu – these are the main page buttons for your website. In step 3 (Webpages) > Organise pages > drag and drop your Contact us page into position within your navigation menu to allow visitors quick and easy access to your details.

Template Builder – Header – In step 2 (Style), highlight any of the lines of text or images in your new header and attach a link to your contact us page. You could even include a “Contact Us” button within your header to make it really accessible. Either enter “Contact Us” as text or create a button image. Place your “Contact Us” on your header and using the drop down menu on the “Link to:” option, select “Contact Us page”.

build a websiteOn page links – there are two Contact options built into your website: the standard “Contact Us” page and a “Reply Form”. On all your primary pages, include either a line of text or a button image to invite visitors to get in touch with you. Highlight your text or button image and click the yellow “Insert Link” icon in your editor bar > select webpage > Internal Webpage > Webpage > select either “Contact Us Page” or “Automated Email Us Form”. Save your page and now when visitors click your contact link they will be given easy options to get in touch.

Reply forms  - One of the best ways to encourage maximum response from visitors is to provide an enquiry, feedback or reply form, which provides THE most simple, undemanding way for visitors to ask for further information or to request further contact without any obligation or effort. Equally beneficial to you - it offers the opportunity to build a a vital database of existing and potential clients who can be contacted about future offers and services. The Auto Email Us form is a standard form which features your Business name (as taken from the information your entered in step 1) and requests visitors to enter their Name, Email Address, Telephone Number and a message. A bespoke, more detailed form can be added to your website if required, which can ask for more specific information such as areas of interest, address, website address, dates, likes and dislikes, which products they are interested in etc., etc. A third party company who works exclusively with the Reason8 system can build and place your form to your specific requirements. Bespoke forms come with strategically placed visual link buttons to offer easy access for your visitors and can be used as provisional booking forms as well as reply or enquiry forms. To discuss your requirements click here.   

build a websiteClick here to Contact Us buttons – Button Images linked to either your contact us page or your automated or bespoke reply form can work well in several ways. As an image they can work well to break up a page of text and add interest to your webpage. They can also be placed within specific information on your primary pages to encourage visitors to get in touch to ask for further details. You can create simple Contact Us buttons using any image editing programme. Don’t forget there are several free online programmes, which you can use too. Click here for details. Alternatively there are thousands of Free, copyright free buttons available online, which you can download and use. Simply type “free website buttons” into a Google search bar, and find one to suit you. Once you’ve uploaded and placed your button image, use the yellow Insert Link button to link it to either your Contact Us Page or your Reply form.    

build a website 

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