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build a websiteSome Reason8 website builders have recently asked about how to create 2 different kinds of links on their websites: External links from the Navigation Menu buttons and also creating a Login button from their website headers. Creating straight forward links using the Reason8 page editor and template builder is very simple. Creating an external link from a menu button is a little more technical so we’ll look at both of these issues now.

Let’s look at the slightly more technically challenging link first, although Panic Ye Not!...... It’s quite simple to do by following these steps.

You can’t create a button on the left that leads directly to an external webpage. However, it is possible to create an automatic redirect from a navigation button.

To do this, login to your control panel and go to step 3. Create a new blank page and place the button into position within the buttons on the left by clicking “Organise Pages” (also in Step 3 Webpages). Once you’ve added the page, click the green button to edit it. Then click the “Show HTML” button, bittom right in your editing bar and enter the following code:

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

In the highlighted portion of the code that currently says, replace it with the full address of the page you want the the button to be directed to. Make sure that you preserve the quotation marks on either side of the website address. Once saved the page will redirect immediately.

Login buttons from your new Header / Template

build a websiteIf you have recently enjoyed the amazingly flexible editing facilities of your new Template Builder, you’ll no doubt be proudly showing off the new and exciting header, which you have designed for your website. One thing a few people have forgotten to do however is to add a login button so that they can easily access your control panel.

To do this, login to your control panel and click Step 2 – Style. Click the header area to open the template builder. Once your header is open in the editor, choose which part of your header you would like to be your login button. You can choose from any of the images or indeed any of the text. If you are using one of the images, double click the chosen image to select it and directly underneath the image snapshot in the editor window, you can choose where to “Link to:”. From the drop down box select “your login page”.
Close the editor window and click Save and Exit. 

Now from your live website, when you click your chosen image, your login page will open to allow you to enter your username and password. 

build a website

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