Optimising your Website Pages - Summary

build a websiteWhen you build a website for your business, getting found online is paramount. You’ll be glad to know that Reason8 are extremely good at Search Engine Optimisation and in fact, your whole website has been built with search engines in mind. Many aspects of your website both visible and in the background are working hard to make sure search engines can see your keywords and therefore your online business. Here are some key steps to optimising your Reason8 website.

1. Read your guide.
Reason 8 have included 3 easy to read guides with detailed information about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Many of the search engine processes are done automatically by your website system but if you want to boost optimisation of your site to its optimum level, take a moment to read them.

2. Content
One of the most important aspects of your website are the content and layout. The content of your pages must be relevant to your target audience and clients. It should be visually pleasing, with good spelling and grammar. Encourage visitors to your site to stay as long as possible and travel as far as possible into your pages with interesting, attention grabbing information. If you’d like more tips on how best to plan your website, check out our website planning guide, which you can download here.

build a website3. Keywords
Your keywords or metatags are the words which internet users are most likely to type into a search bar when looking for products and services like yours. You need to compile a list of such keywords for your website, and include them all within your content on your pages. Your Reason 8 website makes it easy for   you to set them and modify them as your business develops. Your first step will be to enter your keywords into Step 1 in your website Control Panel. Think carefully about what you enter. Ask your friends and family what they would type if they were looking for your product or service.

4. Enter keywords for each your website pages
One unique thing about Reason8 is that rather than being restricted to just one set of keywords, description and title for your website, you can set these for all your individual pages. This means that different products and services featured on different pages can be optimised individually and therefore found individually so making it easy for customers to find exactly what they want. Go to Step 3 in your website Control Panel, and click on the Google button beside each page. Make sure that what you enter relates directly to the page and only put keywords that can be found on that page.

5. Verify your Site and submit your Sitemap
Reason8 produces a computer coded sitemap for every website, which you can submit to the search engines.  To the left of the control panel you will see a button “Google verify”. Click this and follow the steps to enable you to submit the sitemap, set up a Google account and verify your site.

build a website

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