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build a websiteMany online businesses, whether e-commerce or not, will have connections to associations, organisations, colleges, suppliers, affiliates, qualification providers etc. While you build a website, it can add authority and strength to your message to feature logos of all these connections. You can create links from logo images to the websites of these connections, which is a great way to obtain incoming links to your website from these connections. Reciprocal links can benefit all parties and are well worth a little time.

Contact all your connections and suggest reciprocal links with them. Whether you feature these on a Links page of their own or incorporate the links into your primary pages, they deserve a return link and so this is an opportunity not to be forgotten. It is always recommended to actually call and speak to someone at each of your connections to discuss the opportunity but if not, a well put together email featuring your logo and website address, which they can simply copy and place, can work well.

build a websiteMost logos will be provided by your connections or you can gain permission to copy them from their respective websites.  Once you have decided where you will feature these association links, login and open that page in your editor. 

Place your cursor in either a new paragraph of its own with centre alignment or click into any occupied paragraph and set either left or right alignment.  Click the red “Insert Image” icon and browse for your logo, upload and set a size of 75 – 150 pixels width. Set your alignment and select a border if required. If it’s possible to get a logo, which is either on the same colour background as your website or is a gif with transparency enabled. Set the space around your logo and click Add to Website.

build a websiteNow select your image by left clicking once then click the yellow “Insert Link” icon. Select Webpage > External Webpage then enter the address of the associates website. Click Yes to “open in a new window?” and click Save.

Now when you click the logo, a new browser window will open on the associate’s website. As it is in a new window, your website will remain open and they can come back to it by minimizing, closing or moving that window.

build a website

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