Create a Facebook Page and "Like" button for your website.

build a websiteIn the last Tutorial we look at the marketing benefits, which social networking sites such as Facebook have to offer business when they build a website. With millions of potential new clients just a click away it really is worth tapping into this community to promote your business and advertise your website address. Today we’ll look at how to creat an advertising page for your business and then how to create a “LIKE” button for both your profile and your website.

Click here to view the previous tutorial on setting up your Facebook profile and linking it to your website and visa versa.

Once you have your profile set up. Click Account (top right) and go to Help Centre. In the third section, click on “Pages for Businesses” > “Creating and Administering your page” > “How can I create a page” > the “here” link in the answer.

Create your FaceBook Ad Page

In the Official Page box, Select the business type from the options and enter the name of your business. Then click “Create Official Page”.Your new page will open and you can now enter a brief introduction in the box of the left of the page and then click “Edit info” top right to enter your Basic Info – Address, Detailed Info – Website address, general information, mission, description, company overview, products and any awards you have achieved and your contact info. Click Done Editing once you’re happy with it and click the “Share” button bottom left to post it to your profile.

build a websiteNow when you go back to your profile and click the “most recent” link at the top, you’ll see your new page. Click on the link and you’ll be taken to the Get Started Tab for your page.
In place of the large question mark top left, you can upload your own photo by clicking the mark and changing the picture. 

Highlight and copy (right click and copy or press ctrl and c on your keyboard) the address for your page from your browsers address bar, which should look similar to this: (

build a websiteNow click Option 5 – Promote this page on your website. The next page will show you the options for your “LIKE BOX”. Paste the address for your page, which you just copied into the Facebook Page URL box at the top. Change the width if necessary (400 is the max for your website), choose a colour scheme and decide whether you want friends faces, stream or header to show in your like box. Omitting these last three will create a nice clean and simple box.

Click the Get Code button at the top and copy the first set of code – iframe code.

Go back to your website. Open the page on which you’d like your LIKE BOX to appear, in the editor. Choose where on the page you’d like the button to appear and create a new paragraph for your code. In this paragraph type “*****************facebook***************” and centre it using the centre icon on your editor icon bar.
build a websiteNow on your editor, click the “Show HTML” button, scroll through the code for your page until you find : <p style="text-align: center">**************facebook**************</p,  (the stars should help you to spot it). Using your mouse, very carefully and accurately, highlight just the “****************facebook**************” bit making sure you stay inside the > and < brackets. Now paste in your code, replacing the **facebook** text.

Now click save and your page should show a new Facebook Like Box for your Ad page.

 build a website

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