Boost your Business with a Facebook Profile 

build a websiteHow would you react if you were told you could easily tap into a potential new audience of millions of internet users, who are just a click away from your website?! Complicated? Expensive, Technically tricky? NO! It’s actually very simple and completely FREE!

Social network sites such as FaceBook attract millions of users and provide an excellent way to boost traffic to your website. Facebook is now a daily activity for millions of social networkers, so why not grab a piece of the action and take advantage of what is a fantastic marketing tool for website builders, offering a potentially huge new audience!

The way Facebook works, you’d only need to catch a handful of new viewers and the networking begins. Facebook makes it incredibly simple for its users to share news, views, ideas, pages, links, sites and images with friends and other Facebook users. It’s really simple to create a Facebook profile and you can create advertising pages, which you can promote either though Facebook or you can place links to your profile or page on your website. You can also create links from your website to your Profile or page to generate traffic in both directions. Either way it’s all marketing on a potentially enormous scale.

If you are not already on Facebook, set up a profile for your company. Go to and click the Sign up for Facebook link, set up a simple profile following the simple steps with your key information and contact details, including your website address of course.

Lets look at how to create a Badge for your website!

build a websitebuild a website

Once you have your profile set up. Login and click on the profile button top right. Scroll down the page and underneath your list of friends, you’ll see an “Add a Badge to Your Site” link. Click this link and you will see an example of a standard badge. Click the “Edit this badge” link and select from the list, the style of your badge (either vertical or horizontal) and which information you would like to be shown. For a nice clean simple badge select the horizontal style and choose to feature: Profile, Name and Websites.

 build a website

Click Save once you're happy and in the next window, click the “Other” button.This will generate some code for you to copy and paste onto your page. Copy the code and go back to your website.

Open the page on which you’d like your badge to appear, in the editor. Choose where on the page you’d like the badge to appear and create a new paragraph for your code. In this paragraph type *************facebook***********” and then centre it using the centre icon on your editor icon bar. 

Now, bottom right on your editor icon bar, click the “Show HTML” button. Scroll through the code for your page until you find : <p>**************facebook**************</p>,  (the stars should help you to spot it). Using your mouse, very carefully and accurately, highlight just the “****************facebook**************” bit making sure you stay inside the > and < brackets. Now paste your code, replacing the **facebook** text. Now click save and your page should sport your new Facebook Profile Badge.

That's it, you're networking !

build a website

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