An Incredible choice of images for you to use!

build a websiteReason8’s new Website Template designer has one aim – to be the best template builder online! One way in which it is achieving this are with the vast amount of images available to website builders to use within their new website headers. WHATEVER your trade or business type, there are high quality images available to help you create the best possible header and introduction to your business website. “I haven’t got any decent pictures…..” is no longer an excuse or reason not to have a website for your online business. 

When we say we have suitable images WHATEVER your trade, we mean whatever your trade! 

When you click the images tab within the Template Builder, you are presented with the following list of the categories of images available to you: 

build a websitebuild a websiteCompany Logo’s, Shapes & Lines, Useful Icons, Sales, Rent, Foreign, Management, Maintenance, Holidays, Accommodation, Transport, Hairdressers, Beauticians, Romance, Family, Fitness, Tattoo, Manicure, Doctors, Dentist, Care Home, Equipment, Medicine, Church, School, Nursery, E-Learning, Childminder, Golf, Dance, Football, Fishing, Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Racquet Sports, Water Sports, Winter Sports, Sports Club, Repairs, Parts, Couriers, Bodywork, Driving School, build a websiteHaulage, Car Sales, Transport, Valeting, Taxi/Minicab, Catering, Restaurant, Food, Drink, Café / Snack Bar, Camping, fast Food, Guest House / B&B, Holiday, Hotel, Pub, Interior, Photography, Art, Print, Crafts & Gifts, Signs, Creative Writing, Mortgage, build a websiteInsurance, Accountant, Solicitor, Broker, Cleaning, Garden Services,  Removals, Furnishings, Kitchen Design, Carpet Cleaning, Interior Design, Kitchen Items, Windows/Doors, Training, Consultancy, Secretarial, Recruitment, Equipment, General Services, Computer Services, Bands, Entertainers, Discos, Pubs, wedding, farms, Florist, Tree Care, Builder, Plumber, Heating, Roofing, Carpenter, Electrical, Flooring, Decorating, Locksmiths, Appliance Repair, Kitchen Design, Plastering, Breeders, Pets, Equestrian, Boarding, Livestock, build a websitebuild a websitePest Control, Equipment, Manufacturing, Process, Supplies, Engineer, Plant Hire, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga, Faith & Religion, Kids Group, Other, Hobbies, Social, Sport, Bags, Baker, Book, Clothes, Cosmetics, Crafts, Gadgets, Gifts, Grocery, Jewellery, Kitchen Items, newsagent, Pharmacy, Shoes.

To make the most of this incredible choice of images, click here to view all the tutorials on how to get the best out of your template builder.

build a websiteWhen you click one of the categories, a gallery of relevant images appear on the right. Scroll through, find the one you want and then simply drag it up to your website header and drop it where you want it to sit. Yes it really is that simple!!

You can edit the Size, 3D, Colour and Edge settings for any of your images by double clicking them. You can add more images from the library or by uploading them from your computer.  You can move any of your images around by simply dragging them and dropping them.
With this much to play with, you’ll not only have fun but will be able to create a superb header for your website!

 build a website

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