Getting Artistic with your images.

build a websiteIn our last tutorial, we looked at how to prepare images when building a website using the free online image editing programme called DrPic. Click here to view the other tutorials. Today we’ll look at some of the more artistic options and settings available in this programme to help you prepare the best possible images for your pages. Images are by far one of the most important components of your website pages. Vital not only to display the products or services you are providing but they also add colour and interest to your pages. When a more artistic look is required DrPic can help you achieve this with some cool artistic effects.

Let’s look at some of these artistic settings:.

Open DrPic in your browser window at Upload and select your image to start editing.

Brush: allows you to draw on your picture with various brush sizes and colours.

build a websiteGaussian Blur & Sharpen: Use these options to blur images or sharpen them. You can add blur or sharpen either the whole image or just certain parts of an image.

Oil Paint: Turn your image into an oil painting. Apply a unique oil paint effect to either the whole image or just certain parts of an image.

Polaroid: Make your images look like Polaroid photo’s in an album by either tilting the image to the left or right or our favourite - create a stack effect.

build a websiteSpread: allows you to add noise or fine pixilation blur to your images.

Grayscale: this tool allows you to remove the colour from your image to create a grayscale version.

When resizing your images, you may require various sizes for different applications on your pages but work between 100 pixels wide for small thumbnail sizes and a max size of 400 pixels wide. Compressing your image to the right size is made easy with just 4 choices, 25% - 10KB, 50% - 14KB, 75% - 19KB and 100% - 130KB. 50% is a good safe middle ground but go by the quality. Once you’ve finished editing, save it as a Jpeg or Gif and place your newly edited image into a new folder on your computer so you can find them easily when you need to.

At any time you can undo any changes you make by clicking the Undo button at the top of the editing window.

Now login into your website. Go to the page (Step 3) or the item (Step 4) you want the image to appear on and upload it. Your newly edited image should load quite quickly.

build a website 

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