Template Designer – Optimising your Header 

build a websiteThe new Website Template designer from Reason8 not only gives website builders the ability to design whatever look and style they need for their business website, but also provides simple tools to make sure your header is visible to Search Engines. We’ve created a series of tutorials to help you get the very best out of this incredibly flexible and easy to use facility. Click here to view all the tutorials so far.
In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at how to make sure your header not only looks great but is also shouting out your domain to attract that vital attention from the search engines.

If you’re starting from scratch with a new trial, simply choose your preferred starter template from all the categories and choices available and click personalise. If you’ve already started designing your website and header background, simply login to your website, click step 2 Style and click the header to start editing. 

Optimising your website. 

When it comes to search engine optimisation, you, the website builder and Reason8 work as a team. The whole background structure or skeleton of your website is built with search engines in mind. 

Just one of the ways in which Reason8 helps your website is by boosting your search engine ranking by submitting it to well respected directories. Getting a good placement on the search lists can be greatly boosted by getting high quality links from other people’s websites to your own. Every webpage that links to yours is a ‘vote’ and not every vote carries the same weight. Votes from well renowned pages such as the home page of BBC.co.uk will be worth more than a vote from a 2 page website a few days old. We recognise this and make sure that the website you make with Reason8 appears on a number of website directories that are well regarded by the search engines.  This also has the advantage of confirming the submission to their search engine database that we make on your behalf after you go live with us.  

Your contribution is the content you place on your webpages, which is filled with keywords, which the search engines then match up to the keywords being entered into search bars by potential customers. You can now also add more visibility to your site when you design your new Website header using the Template Designer. 

build a websiteAny part of your new header can help with optimisation. 

All images and text can be linked to your Home or Contact Us page. by placing these links, you are effectively tagging parts of your header with your domain, which increases its visibility to the Search Engine. 

To add a link to an image – simply double click the image and at the bottom of each option you will see the ”Link To:” option. Use the Drop Down box to select Home or Contact Us. Save and Exit once you have placed your links and that’s it, it’s that simple! 

To add a link to a line of text – again, simply double click the text and click on the Effect button on the left, where you will find the “Link To:” option. Use the Drop Down box to select Home or Contact Us.  You can set as many links as you like. We’d suggest at least a couple to your home page. 

Also, if the design you have chosen doesn’t have a standard admin / login button, don’t forget to create a hidden login page link from any of the images, logo’s or text so can access your control panel when you need to.

build a website 

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