Just how easy is it to build or develop your own business website?

build a websiteWell, that depends on who you choose to help you! 

Reason8’s new Template Designer offers you so much help in so many ways, they’re even challenging business owners and aspiring website builders to create a website header in 30 seconds! And yes it is possible! Below are a few of the most common obstacles business owners have been faced with when considering building a website for their business. 

I wouldn’t know where to start…….

build a websiteLet us get you started with huge choice of starter templates. We’ve created starter templates for   150 different industries including: Agriculture, Animals, Art, Business, Clubs, Food & Accommodation, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Health, House & Home, Industrial, Motors, Beauty, Property, Retail, Sports and Tradesmen. Simply choose your business type and then choose which specific area is closest to your business and then pick one of the predesigned templates. If you can’t find anything to match your business type, we’ll create one specifically for you!

I haven’t got a logo! 

build a websitebuild a websiteDon’t worry, the Template Designer comes with a great choice of generic Company Logo’s, which you are more than welcome to use and amend to create that perfect online image for your company. It’s also incredibly easy to create a logo using your company name. With all the fonts, sizes, colours and effects available you can create your new online company image within minutes! 

build a websitebuild a website

I don’t have any images! 

build a websitebuild a websiteNo Problem! The Template Designer has thousands of images for you to use. There are so many available for your use that they’ve had to put them into categories to help you find the perfect ones for your business.  There are; Shapes and Lines, Useful Icons and then depending on which industry you’re in and which options you chose you’ll have access to images set out in several categories suited specifically to your industry. 

I don’t get on with computers! 

Many of our customers classed themselves as complete technophobes before trying the Reason8 system. These same people now come back to tell us how much they have learnt by using our website builder simply because of how easy it is to use and how helpful the system is. With step by step guidance, simple tools, instant views and even videos to show you what to do, there really is no excuse not to at least have a go. 

I haven't got the time!

We recognise that not everyone has the same amount of time and in these cases, we recommend contacting a company called 4TailConnections who can help you create your Reason8 website content. 4TailConnections have a thorough understanding of our systems and have helped many companies to get online fast using the Reason8 website making system.They provide a best-of both-worlds solution as they can build your site and then you can maintain it yourself using the reason8 super easy editing system.

If there’s something standing in the way of you building a website for your business then tell us what it is and we’ll do our best to help you. 

build a website

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