Template Designer – Image Edges. 

build a websiteIf you haven’t tried Reason8’s amazing new Website Template Designer yet, login to your website go to Step 2 Style and find out what all the fuss is about!! This new facility offers an unbelievable choice of really clever functions, options and effects to help you create the perfect look when you build a website for your business. Click here to have a look at the series of tutorials we’ve created so far to help you get started.
In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at the “Edges” option available to you when you’re adding images to your header.

If you've already started work on redesigning your website header, simply log in to your website, Click “Step 2 Style” and click your header to access the editing options. We’re looking at Image options today so click “Add Images” or double click on any of the images you’ve already placed to edit those. Then click the Edges option.

If you’re starting from scratch with a new trial, simply choose your preferred starter template from all the categories and choices available and click personalise. Don’t forget to check out the previous tutorials if you need a little help to get you started.

Blended Edge / Feathering.

build a website

This option allows you to blend of feather the edges of the images you place in your header to create a softened edge effect. Images with this effect blend nicely into whatever background you have created. It’s also a very handy option if you plan to create a slideshow with a selection of images.  You can choose to blend any one of the sides of your image. Left, Right, Top or Bottom or select all to apply the effect to all sides. You can also decide how much you want to blend the edges. 

build a website

As with many of the options on the template designer, it works by using a slider scale and you can see the effect being created on your header as you slide.

Blended Slide show. 

As mentioned earlier, the Edges option is really handy if you’re planning to create a slideshow of images on your header. In order to create a slideshow, you need to place a selection of images on top of each other and the blended edges makes this easier to do and creates a smoother effect as they appear one by one. 

To do this ……… 

Select your images from either “our” or “your” library or browse from your computer. It works best if place the smallest image first and end with the biggest as they need to completely cover the previous image for this effect to look right. Place each image into position. Click on “Edges” and select your preferred option. Set the size to ensure the previous image is completely obscured and with each image set the delay time using the slider. Start with 0 for the first image then maybe 1.00 for the next image, 2.00 for then and so on. You can play around with the delay times until you’re happy with the way they appear. Simply click the play button underneath the delay slider to check the effect. 

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