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build a websiteIf you haven’t already tried Reason8’s amazing new Website Template designer, then you are missing out!! The NEW Template Designer gives website builders the ability to design your own header and website background with endless options for background colour and style, and editing images and text with styles and effects galore! We’ve started to create a series of tutorials to help you get the very best out of this incredibly flexible and easy to use facility. Click here to view all the tutorials so far.............

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at the “SIZE” options available when adding Images.
If you’re starting from scratch with a new trial, simply choose your preferred starter template from all the categories and choices available and click personalise. If you haven’t already finished designing your website and header background, click the link above to view the background tutorials. 

Click Add Images. 

build a website

The first thing you’ll see is the image upload and library box. Here you can choose from thousands of images in our library or you can upload your own images.  If you’re using our library images, you’ll see a list of simple categories of images to make your search really easy. Choose from: Company Logos, Shapes and Lines, Useful Icons, Boarding, Breeders, Equestrian, Livestock, Pest Control and Pets. This list will continue to grow to include as many useful images as possible. When you click one of the categories, a gallery of relevant images appear on the right. Scroll through, find the one you want and then simply drag it up to your website header and drop it where you want it to sit. Yes it really is that simple!!

Once you’ve chosen an image, you’ll see all the options available for editing that image. To see these options for any other images on your header, just double click it. Your main options are Size, 3D, Colour and Edges. 

Let’s start with Size. 

The first box on the left of the Image Snapshot window – “Size”, offers a slider, which when you move using your mouse will increase or decrease the size of the image you are editing.

The second – “Rounded Corners” offers a quick tick box so you can choose whether to have straight or rounded corners on your image.

build a websiteFinally “Rotate” offers another slider, which allows you to rotate your image upto 90 degrees left or right. If after playing with this option you want to put it straight again, simply tick the “OFF” box.

You can also add hyperlinks to your Home, Contact or your Login page  to your images using the Link to: box underneath the Image snapshot window. 

The Fade in option to the right of the Image Snapshot window allows you to set the image to fade into view after a certain delay time. Simply set the delay time on the slider then click the play button to see what it looks like. This option is great if you have a number of images and want them to take it in turns fading into view.

You can continue to edit your images by double clicking them or at any time you can add another image from the library or by uploading one from your computer.  You can move any of your images around by simply dragging them and dropping them so design away to your heart’s content until you’re happy with it. 

build a website

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