Get More Sales by Giving More Choice!

build a websiteProviding your customers with a simple, safe and helpful online shopping experience will  not only encourage more sales but if they find your shopping cart easy and pleasurable to use, they’re more likely to come back to shop with you again and again. As a website builder, you should be aiming to give your customers all the choices and options they need so that they can buy what they want in as few clicks as possible. Fortunately your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard offers a host of options and functions to help you create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers.

Whether you’ve already added all your items or are just in the process of setting up your online store, you can check to make sure all your options are there and are working hard to give your customers a smooth ride to the checkout.

If you’re just setting up your store, log into your control panel and clicked Step 4 (Groups and Items), Click to add a “New Item” and choose a group for that item. Enter a unique name for your item, an item code (if required), a price, an image for your product and a good description with lots of encouraging information to help your customers make the decision to buy your item. Make sure your images are good quality as they can have a good deal of influence over people’s decision to buy from you. When you click next, you’ll be shown what your item looks like.

If it’s not quite right, simply click back and tweak it.

If you’re happy with it, click next and you’ll be asked if you want to create another item. If you have lots of items to input, Click YES, as it’s easier to add them all and then come back to the options later. The “Sell Online / Add a shopping basket” button in the left hand column of your main control panel window offers a quick link to the Customisation wizard once you’ve entered all your items.

build a websiteIf you’re ready to go straight to options – click No then click YES to “Do you want to sell your items?” and you’ll be taken to the Customisation Wizard. Find and select your item from the drop down menu and your first option is to give your customers a choice such as size or colour. If your item has such choice options click YES and here you’ll see a Description Box to explain the options or add a message that tells your customers what they need to do.

Option 1 is ideal for options such as size or quality, as you can add a different price if required.

Option 2 is great for options such as colour or style.

IMPORTANT TIP: In either of these options, when you enter the necessary details, DO NOT USE ANY PUNCTUATION MARKS, as they can cause errors in your shopping cart.

Click NEXT and you’ll be shown a preview of your new item. Again you can go back if you need to make any changes. Click Next again and here you can offer other items at the same time. For each other item being offered, you can add a short message, a price (discounted if you want to) and offer customers the option to either add one or to choose an amount. Click Next and Next again if you’re happy.

build a websiteThe last Option is Bulk Discount. Here again you can enter a short message to explain the discount you’re offering and then set the discounted prices within the table below. Bands are the number of items that customers need to purchase to get the various discounts. So for instance (as this diagram here shows), we’re selling t-shirts at £10 each. If a customer buys just 1 t-shirt, it will cost the normal £10 but if the customer buys between 2 and 5 t-shirts, each t-shirt it will cost only £8. If they buy more than 5 t-shirts each t-shirt will cost only £6. You can set the discounts and bands however you like. 

That’s it! Go through all your items and add the options that will give your customers the flexibility they need to make a purchase!

build a website


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