A Helpful Shopping Experience. 

build a websiteYour Reason8 website works in tandem with the award winning Mals Ecommerce Shopping Cart System. With all E-commerce websites from Reason 8, you are given access to your own shopping cart control, which works alongside your website builder. Built with beginner website designers and online merchants in mind, your Mals system makes it really simple to add a shopping cart to your website. In this tutorial, we'll look at the options you can add to create a really helpful shopping experience for your customers....

You can customize the look and feel of your store. It offers your customers SSL secure payments for their peace of mind. You can sell in more than 29 languages and in any currency and accept payment by PayPal, Paymate, Nochex and many more merchant systems, although we always recommend Paypal as its well know and offers customers confidence to purchase, which will of course encourage maximum sales!

Your Mals system also allows you to include messages to and from your customers and can collect all sorts of information from customers when they buy from you and that’s what we’ll be looking at here.

Shopping Basket Messages and General Settings.

CUSTOMER MESSAGE - Firstly, you can add a box where a customer can leave you a message along with their order. You can enter a description of its purpose for the customer. For example, "If you have any special requests". If you leave this option blank, the message field won’t appear in the cart.

DELIVERY ADDRESS - The second option requires only a tick to instruct the shopping cart to ask for a separate delivery address, different from the billing address. Ideal if your customer is buying a gift for someone else.

EXTRA PHONE NUMBER – In addition to your customer’s main telephone number, you can choose whether to collect a fax number or mobile. These days, it probably makes more sense to collect a mobile number.

TAX ID (VAT) NUMBER - In some countries you are required to collect a Tax ID (VAT) number from customers.Tcik to collect a Vat number. You can also tick whether to make this compulsory or not.

REMEMBER REPEAT CUSTOMERS - To save your customers time when they come back to make other purchases, they can select to have the cart remember them. The system then remembers their name and address in a cookie in their browser.

build a websiteDELIVERY MESSAGE - In some cases it’s a good idea to explain delivery charges. You can do this here with a short message. For example; "£5.00 per order will be added to the above delivery charges for international orders."

TERMS OF BUSINESS - this option allows you to highlight details about your terms of business, for example your refund policy. You can enter HTML so you could actually have a link to a page on your website displaying your terms in more detail. The HTML you would need to enter would be similar to this (below)  but with your own information where you see the bold text below:

 <p><span style="font-size: 10px">To view our terms, <a href="http://www.yourdomain.com/.co.uk/info2.cfm?info_id=here you enter the page id for your terms and conditions page - you can find this by going to your terms page, looking at the address bar at the top of your browser and you’ll see a 5 or 6 number id, copy this and paste or type it into the code in place of this bold text. Be careful not to remove the speech marks you see at the end of this line as they are an important part of the code">Click Here</a></span></p>

There is also an option to have customers tick to confirm they have read and agree to your terms and conditions.

PAYMENTS MESSAGE - Don’t worry about the payments message unless you are using a merchant system other than Paypal. It should have a standard message assuring customers that credit card details are collected using a SSL secure server.

EXIT MESSAGES – Here you can add any instructions or messages for the final “ Thank you page”. You can add a message of up to 5000 characters.

build a websiteAnd finally - SECURE PAGE FOR NAME AND ADDRESS
Tick this option to add a re-assuring “Lock” and “SSL SECURE PAYMENT “ at the top of the payments page. From a security perspective there’s no real need to use secure pages for a name and address as the system will confirm the details in an unsecure email receipt anyway but many people feel more confident if they see the "little lock".

Once you have gone through the options, simply click Submit Changes and then at the top right of the page you VIEW YOUR SHOPPING BASKET to test your new options. If there is anything not quite right, simply go back and tweak it until it is.

 build a website

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