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Reason8 have recently unveiled its latest new website facility – The NEW Template Designer. This incredibly clever package of software allows customers to design and build a website along with their own bespoke website header and background. Customers can choose colour schemes, images, text and effects galore to create stunning headers to make their websites stand out from the crowd. Over the next few weeks we’ll be covering all aspects of this new and exciting facility. Today we’d like to introduce you to the Background colour options

Before you start placing and playing around with images, text and effects, you’ll need to decide on the background colours and styles for your website. When you first go into the Reason8 Template Builder, you’ll see a main menu at the top of the page. First option on the left is “Background”. Click this tab and let’s get started…..

build a website

The first set of options within the background tab is colour and here, you can set the colours in the three main sections of your website: The “Header”, The “Body” and the area “Outside” or around your website pages.
Before you start, it’s a good idea to have an idea of the colours you’re going to use as once you start playing you could end up with a rainbow website if you’re not careful. Remember that more colour will be added once you start placing images, so try to choose 2 /3 main colours and stick to these throughout the design. 

Let’s start with Header Colour. 

build a websiteWhen you click this section, you’ll be given 3 options: Colour, Style and Opacity. You can select any colour you like from the spectrum, or if you have a specific hex number for a colour, you can paste this into the box. Also don’t forget, you have your clever colour picker here so you could pick up any colour from anywhere in the header including images. The minute you start moving your mouse around you’ll see it change to the colour picker icon, simply move it to the colour you’d like and then left click to select it. 

If you’ve chosen a starter template with a nice background image and would rather use this than select your own colour scheme, you can simply switch the colour option off. Or you could set some colour over the image. For instance you could fade a plain colour from left to right part way to sit behind your logo to make sure it stands out clearly. 

If you have gone with your own colour scheme, you can now decide on the “Style”. Choose whether you want to fill the space completely – “Simple Fill” or whether you want to fade the colour from left to right, right to left, top to bottom or bottom to top. There’s also a clever slide bar at the bottom, to move the fade to the exact position you want. 

build a website

Finally you can adjust the opacity, or see thoroughness of the colour. 

The best thing for you to do is to just play about until you’re happy with it. The system is so incredibly flexible you really can do pretty much anything you like. 

Once you’re happy with the header, you’ll have similar Colour and Style options for the body of your website and finally a colour option for the area around your website. Remember try to stick to the same or similar colours here. Different shades of the same colour can work really well together to create a really professional look.  

Have fun! We'll look at the background size options in the next blog.

build a website

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