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Reason8 are very proud to unveil its latest website facility – The NEW Template Designer. After several months of development, this incredibly flexible facility will allow website builders to design and build their own bespoke website header and background. Over the next few weeks we’ll be covering all aspects of this new and exciting facility. Today we’d like to introduce you to all the categories of Starter templates there are available.

The first step in creating your own bespoke website header and background is to choose from a selection of starter templates, which you can then personalise. All the templates are categorised into the following areas:

build a websiteAnimals:
subcategories:  Breeders, Equestrian, Pest Control, Pets

Art & Design

subcategories:  Art, Crafts & Gifts, Interior, Photography, Print, Signs

Business Services
subcategories:  Consultancy, Equipment, General Services, Recruitment, Secretarial, Training

subcategories:  Church, Clubs, Family, Nursery, School

subcategories:  Bands, Computers, Disco’s, Entertainers, Events, Gadgets, Pubs, Wedding

Finance & Legal
subcategories:  Accountant, Broker, Insurance, Mortgage, Solicitor

subcategories: Catering, Drink, Food, Restaurant

Garden / Outside
subcategories: Farms, Florist

subcategories: Care Home, Dentist, Doctors, Equipment, Medicine,

build a websiteHouse & Home
subcategories: Cleaning, Furnishings, Garden Services, Kitchen, Removals,

subcategories: Equipment, Manufacturing, Process, Supplies

subcategories: Bodywork, Couriers, Parts, Repairs

Personal / Beauty
subcategories: Beauticians, Clothing, Hairdressers, Jewellery, Romance,

subcategories: Foreign, Maintenance, Management, Rent, Sales

subcategories: Dance, Fishing, Football, Golf, Indoor Games, Outdoor Sports, Racquet Sports, Water Sports,
Winter Sports

subcategories: Aerials, Builder, Carpenter, Decorating, Electrical, Flooring, Heating, Locksmiths, Plumber, Roofing.

subcategories: Accommodation, Holidays, Transport

Each of these starter templates offer a suggested colour scheme, layout and images to help get you started. Of course all the aspects of each template can be changed by you to match your business image. You can literally change everything on our starter templates so you could just find a style you like and then change it to suit.

If however, you would like a specific starter and can’t find one, which fits your business, simply click the “Can’t find your business” link below the menu and submit the small form, telling us your business type and your email address and we’ll create one for you. 

If you get stuck with anything on your new Template Designer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll help you as much as we can.

build a website

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