Build Your Own Bespoke Website Header!!

build a websiteJust when you thought your website builder couldn’t get any better, Reason8 have jumped ahead in the technology race again and after several months of hard work and development, are very proud to unveil the NEW TEMPLATE DESIGNER!  An incredibly flexible facility, which will enable you to design and build your own website header and background.

With a host of colour, image and text options and functions, you’ll be able to build your own bespoke header and background to create the best possible website for your business. Available at the moment with all new websites, customers will be able to personalise and design a website header and background before they even take a 14 day trial!

Further development continues in preparation for a second phase, which will introduce some really exciting extra animation. Once this is complete, Reason8 plan to integrate the system into the control panel of all Reason8 websites so that existing customers can take advantage of this fantastic facility too!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing tutorials covering all the functions and options available with the new Template Designer to help make sure you get the very best out of it. In the meantime you can try it out now by going to the Reason8 home page:  www.reason8.com, where you’ll find the first template choices in the top right hand corner. Our 30 second website building challenge shows just how simple the new Template Designer is to use.

So what are you waiting for? Go and Play! Be careful though, it’s a little addictive!....

build a website

To give you an immediate idea though, just some of the many Template Designers’ functions and options include: 

• Creating your own navigation buttons in the header
• Creating an image slideshow by overlaying images
• Incredible Drag and Drop function enabling you to adjust text and images in seconds
• Creating stunning effects on both text and images
• Spotlight your Company name with a shadow or a reflection
• Categorised Template Choices
• A library of images for you to use
• 3D, Colour, Edge and Fade options on Images
• Font, Style and Animation Effects on Text
• Background, Colour Size and Style options

This incredible new software will help even beginner website builders to design and create professional looking websites with effects and animations normally only seen on professionally built sites.

With a second phase already in the making and the promise of new features to be added, it really is an exciting time for website owners.

build a website

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