Mobile Internet  Access – Rapid Growth

build a websiteLast year, it was quoted that the number of mobile phone users had reached half the planet! That means that there are now around 4 billion activated mobile phones in use and around 35% of these mobile users are accessing the internet on their phones. Combine this with the fact that shopping carts are supported by quick and easy to use payment systems such as Paypal, means that it’s now even easier and far more accessible to shop online. As a website builder, it’s certainly a great time to have your business online as potential audiences grow and technology is bringing more and more convenience to shoppers!

No more, are online shoppers tied to their PC’s or laptops. The move from desktop computers to cellphones internet browsing is well on its way. More tweets on Twitter come from mobiles. Facebook profiles and statuses are more often than not, updated on the move, further encouraged by the fact that the majority of mobiles feature cameras and video cameras. People are even watching TV on the mobile phones – even when they’re at home! Students are actually writing and submitting course work from the phones. You can search for your favourite restaurant! Order repeat prescriptions! Check the weather! Translate text from one language to another! Read and store books! You can even identify what song is playing on your car stereo!It’s actually quite scary when you look at all the things you can now do with a Mobile Phone. Oh silly me, I forgot to mention that you can also call someone for a chat, although this function isn’t being used quite as much as it was a few years back.

The main reasons for this boom are that people always have their phones on them, they’re always connected, and they’re always switched on, even when they’re being charged up. The convenience and handiness of mobiles is driving this fanatical popularity.

HOW can you capitalise on this latest technological boom?

Well to start with, by just having a website for your business you’re putting yourself in front of this mobile audience so good move.

Consider the audience involved. They’re more likely to be within the 17-40 age groups so if you can cater for this demographic with your products and services then do so.

Keep Home Pages simple with clear information and make sure your contact details clearly visible. On most mobiles, email addresses and phone numbers are clickable. All users have to do is click a number and then click to call it. Similarly with email addresses, a simple click will open a new message ready to send, so make it really easy for customers to get in touch by featuring these details right on the page.

Create social networking profiles for your business and link to them from your primary pages. Click here to read the tutorial on how to do this.

You may want to consider incorporating an enquiry form or newsletter request, which requests a mobile number from potential customers. You can then target your potential customer base with sms (Text Message) marketing. A text can feature a direct link to your website with a simple incentive message! Just send us an email at to enquire about this.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and Reason8 is working hard to help you keep your head above water. 

build a website

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