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The Reason8 Tutorial Blog pages contain around 100 guides on how to get the best from your website. This series of quizzes have been created to provide a fun way for website builders to learn about the vast, amazing and flexible functions of your website editor. If you get stuck with anything while you build your website, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find the help you need here. If you don’t, then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with.

All the answers for this quiz can be found in the “Navigation “ tutorials (click here to view) in case you need a little clue but try to avoid any blatant cheating please!! :)  If you want to have some fun and learn something too then open a notepad document (start > all programs > accessories > notepad) next to your browser window and enter all the answers onto there, then simply paste them into a comment at the bottom when you’ve finished.

Right then R8 Website Builders… Let’s see how many of you have been doing your homework.
Once you’ve answered the following questions, the first person to send in all the correct answers wins the fantastic FREE upgrade of 5 more web pages for your website!!

Have fun!..........

  1. In which Step of your website control panel can you redesign your navigation menu buttons?

  2. Which two types of Navigation Menu Buttons can you choose from?

  3. How many settings options can you choose from when redesigning your menu buttons?

  4. What colour is the most important icon, which you will use from your Page Editor when working on your website’s navigation?

  5. From which two vital components of a website page can you create a link from?

  6. What page link should you include at the bottom of every page of your website?

  7. What is the first link type option you choose when creating a link to a shopping basket item?

  8. What facility of your webpage editor can you use to better present a Questions and Answers page?

  9. What rule must you follow when creating anchor names?

  10. Which two parts of your shopping basket can you create links to?

  11. How many Rollover Border options are there for Menu Buttons?

  12. How many Font options are there for Menu Buttons?

  13. When choosing the colour scheme for your new menu buttons, what should you copy?

  14. Where on your pages is it best to add “Quick Page Links”?

  15. When creating internal links to other pages within your website, which words is it best to create the links from?

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