First Impressions in Seconds 

build a websiteWhen internet users first click onto your website, you have a matter of seconds to grab their attention and tell them what you do, what you offer and how they can buy from you or contact you. It seems like a lot of information to compress into a matter of seconds but the trick is to pick out the bare necessities of this info and present it clearly and aesthetically on your home page. First impressions last and as a website builder it’s vital to grab visitors attention quickly and completely. One of the quickest ways to provide the bones of your key info is with a bespoke header for your website.

A professional flash bespoke header and background design for your website can make a huge difference to the first impression you give to potential customers. Aside from presenting a very professional image of your company, visitors can see in seconds; what you do, what you offer and how they can contact you. For something which can make such a huge difference, you’d expect a huge bill wouldn’t you?!? WRONG!! You have a Reason8 Website remember…. and they subsidise the cost of having a bespoke header designed by a Professional Flash Designer. For just £40 you can commission a design incorporating your own colour scheme, your logo, a company slogan and a selection of images, all of which, if chosen carefully, will contribute enormously to telling visitors what they need to know in seconds!

Give your Website a vital make-over now!......

build a websiteGot to Step 2 (Style) and choose Website Design > Custom Design.
Here you can choose to have just the header created for £30 or for just £40 you can go for a complete website makeover, where your colour scheme will be used in the header, side borders, menu bar and footer – well worth the extra tenner.

In the comments box, give the designer as much information as you can to help him understand what you’d like to achieve. If you’re not exactly sure what you want – don’t panic! You have a first class designer working with you who is an expert when it comes to the use of colour, layout and style. Just provide your colour scheme, an idea of the look you’re after, a logo, some good quality images and some creative license and you won’t be disappointed! You can even request any corrections or tweaks if required to get it just right. Reason8 even offer a 100% money-back guarantee that your website will look fantastic.

Flash Animation grabs attention

Make sure you choose yes next to the Flash Animation option as this allows the designer to include professional animated effects to the words and pictures, such as making images move or fade in etc. Your company slogan, another vital piece of instant information can be animated to “roll” or “bounce” or “fade in” to your header. Movement in this way is very effective is grabbing people’s attention, which is vital when you consider the very small window of time you have to do this. Animation is used very subtly and never overdone. Professional designers understand the “Less is More” rule!!

Choose your preferred options for Extra header text, Links, Menu Button position and the width of your website then upload your images and logo’s. Remember to choose images, which are of the best possible quality! This will generate first impressions from visitors and the designer can only work with what you provide. Don’t forget also that the images you choose should make it very clear what you do and what you are offering.

build a website 

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