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Your Reason8 Tutorial Blog contains over 100 guides on how to get the best from your website. If you get stuck with anything while developing your website, there’s a very good chance you’ll find the help you need. If you don’t then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with.
All the answers can be found within the existing tutorials about Website Text. Click here to view. just in case you need a little clue but try to avoid unabashed cheating!!  If you want to have some fun and learn something too then open a notepad document next to your browser window and enter all the answers onto there, then simply paste them into a comment at the bottom when you’ve finished.
Right then R8 Website Builders… Let’s see how many of you have been doing your homework.
Once you’ve answered the following questions, the first person to send in all the correct answers wins the fantastic FREE upgrade of 5 more web pages for your website!!

Have fun!......... 

1) Where can you find the Verification button helping you to verify your domain with Google?

2) What are the three main tag components of your domain as it appears in search lists?

3) On what text is it most beneficial to create hyperlinks from?

4) What is the maximum number of characters you can have in a description tag?

5) Can effective search engine optimisation be free and if so with whom?

6) Which upgrade can provide you with more detailed statistics on the performance of your domain in seo terms?

7) Which type of link is most beneficial to you? : Inbound or Outbound 

8) What free tool, recommended by reason8, allows you to identify no follow links?

9) In which step of your control panel must you complete the first stages of SEO?

10) When creating a homebound seo link from your top key phrase from your home page, which type of link must it be?

11) What is the maximum number of words you can have in your Your top key phrase or “Most Important Search Engine Key Phrase?

12) Is it True or False that effective optimization is controlled purely by meta-tags?

13) What can you request from suppliers, associates, colleagues and organisations, that could enormously boost traffic to your site boosting you up the search lists?

14) What can you add to your home page, to help customers find you again easily when they want to place another order!?

15) What should your text be full of?

Thanks for playing. We look forward to receiving lots of correct answers!

And don’t forget the first person to send in all 15 correct answers, will receive an immediate upgrade to their website of 5 new pages completely FREE!! You won’t need to do anything, we’ll do it all for you so what are you waiting for, see how well you know your webpage editor!!


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