Add a Safe Mark to your Website. 

build a websiteWe all know that the internet is enormous and that there are many online threats such as phishing emails, viruses, Trojan worms, spyware, malware. It’s a scary list when you really look into it! There are thousands of unpleasant websites out there which are far from safe to surf or browse. But as a website builder how to you tell visitors, potential clients and internet browsers that your website is one of the good guys. One way to do this is with Norton Safe Web. Norton internet security is one of the leading Internet Security Programmes and it offers its customers safe passage and reassurance when surfing the internet. Norton Safe Web does this by labelling all websites with a rating icon.

Let’s look at how to get a green tick on your site!!  

build a websiteFirst of all, you’ll need to set up a very quick profile on Norton Safe Web. All they’ll need is a name, email and password. Type Norton safe web into a google search and click on the link.
Enter your website address in the “is this site safe ?” window and click return. You’ll see the rating for your website, which will probably be a grey question mark. Over on the right you’ll see community rating, “not yet rated” and underneath that is the “Add your Review” option. 

build a websiteYou’ll need to sign into your Norton account. You can also set one up at this stage…. Its really quick! Once you’ve signed in, the same window will now open with the text bars awaiting your review information. First click to rate your website…. Choosing the far right, full green rating of course. Then enter a Review Title and your Review Text. You can include the same summary of your business as you should have in step 1 in your control panel in the Summary Part 5.

build a websiteOnce you’ve completed all this, click submit and within a couple of seconds you’ll see that your community rating will be green and say “secure and Trusted”. It takes anything upto a couple of weeks to get the same rating on the actual search pages but once there, internet browsers with Norton won’t have to wonder if your site is safe or not, they’ll know as soon as they see the lists.

build a website 


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