New Bing Site Verification !!

As a Reason8 Website Builder, you’ve recruited an excellent team to help develop and promote your business online. Your website NEVER stops working! Endless processes are always on the go to make sure you achieve the best possible position on the search engine search lists. There are of course several things you can do to give your website a helping hand with Search Engine Optimisation, which we’ve covered in several previous tutorials

One of the easiest ways to help your website SEO team is by following the simple wizard, which has been built into your control panel to help you verify your Site with Google and NOW, NEW to the system, you can verify your site with Bing (MSN) too. Here’s how
Top left in any of your main control panel windows you’ll see the Google verify button. (IMAGE). Click this and you’ll be offered the option to verify with both Google and NOW Bing.

Lets start with Google.

Get a Google Account or go to an existing Google Account. Follow the steps to login or register your account. You’ll then be offered two ways to verify your site; “Add a Meta tag” or the option you need to select – “Upload an HTML file”. Google will then give you the name of a file to upload. Copy this file; go back to the Google Verify window in your control panel, paste in the file name and click Submit. Reason8 will create and submit the file for you. Now go back to Google and click “Verify your site”. Google will then confirm your sites verification.
Your Reason8 website will also create a “Sitemap”. This is basically a detailed map of your site, which also allows Google to see when you make changes to your pages. Reason8 will give you the address for your sitemap, which you then need to give to Google. The address is simply your website address with ” /sitemap.cfm “ on the end.
Now every time you rename, delete, change or create a new page on your website, Reason8 will automatically update your site map and notify Google of your changes.
Even if you don't change your website, Reason8 will re-submit your sitemaps to Google every 14 days to make sure they have up to date information.

Now let’s verify with Bing. Click the “Get a Bing Account” button and follow the simple steps to set up your account. When you first sign in Bing will ask you for two pieces of information: Your Web Address and your Sitemap Address. Reason8 provide both of these so all you have to do is copy and paste them. You will then see that Bing offers you two ways to validate your site. Both methods use a long validation code, which looks something like this:
"8CAA85400E56378C4BD52E6C60F10144". All you need to do is Copy the validation code from the Bing page into the box in your Bing Verification wizard and click submit.

That’s it, your verified! 

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