Navigation Menu Redesign

We’ve recently been looking at the importance of the navigation of your website. Navigation will determine how easy your customers, viewers and visitors find it to get around your site and find what they’re looking for. One important tip is to limit the number of buttons you have in your navigation bar so as not to scare visitors with a daunting menu to possibly have to go through. All professional website builders know that you should aim to keep it to no more than 6/7. Once you ‘ve whittled it down and have your list, why not give them a facelift to help them stand out and encourage visitors to click them.

It’s really quite fun to do and you’ll be surprised at the flexibility of the system allowing you to do all sorts of different buttons in different colours and styles. Start by going to Step 2 Style, and click Menu Buttons.
Either choose a button from your favourites, which are automatically created as you experiment or select one from our library of samples. Select which one you want to work with then work through the nine ways in which you can customise your buttons.Change the Type, Position, Size, Spacingt, Border, Font, Rollover Colour, Rollover Font and Roolover Border. You can also choose whether to have buttons, which run either vertically or horizontally. We recommend you read the tutorial on vertical vs horizontal first. 

Don’t panic if you haven’t go enough time look at it. Its really quite simple and only takes a couple of minutes to run through each section. You can always come back to designing your new buttons another time and carry on using the original ones until you’re happy with them but I’ll bet you use them from the first go!!!

Use the Reason8 colour picker to choose from more than 6million colours. Just click a colour and close the window to select it. Select colours which reflect any existing website design or corporate colours. 

The fast colour pallet chooser.

To save fiddling and make things a bit quicker, we have also included a quick palette. Just click this link and it opens up with some pre-chosen colours. We include your main website colours and any colours you have chosen while building your buttons.

The beauty of this system is the flexibility; you can always go back and change it over and over again. Have a look at some ideas if you need to give your inspiration a nudge. 


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