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The most popular service we provide at Reason8 is our customised designs. Most businesses have build a websitesome idea how they want their website to look. There may be logos or branding they need the website to tie in with. But most of all they want their website to be unique. The Reason8 website builder gives you the best of both worlds, an easy to use updatable website with a customised look and feel.


Commissioning any type of design work can be costly. To make commissioning a bespoke design affordable our service is subsidised for all our clients. We charge a small fee of £40+VAT regardless of the amount of work, or how complex the design is. This enables you to effectively manage your design budget and prevent any nasty surprises at the end.
If you already have a template or would like us to make changed to an existing template in our library the price is reduced to just £30+VAT.

What does the design include?

The design we create runs through the whole of the website regardless of the number of pages you have. It includes the main header / banner, footer and background colours.
The main area of design is the website header. This can be as simple or as complex as you require. You can choose the background colours to give your website its overall theme. You can choose the text you want to include as well as the font, colour, and position. We can also incorporate your logo, images, icons or animation

Your header doesn’t need to be static either. All aspects of your header can be animated. You could merge many images in the background to create a slideshow effect.   Animated characters or effects can be included. Or why not make your text really stand out by animating it to create a flashing or rolling effect. The opportunities really are as wide as your imagination.

Getting the most from your design

The hardest part of commissioning your design, is knowing exactly what to ask for. Some website owners know what they want but are unsure how to describe their requirements. The following suggestions will help you get started and create a focus for your design.

  1. Are there any elements of the design that are already fixed? For example a logo or corporate colours. These can be sent to the designer to incorporate into the design.
  2. Are there other websites that you really like? They may contain elements that you would like incorporated into your design. If so, include a link to the site and tell our designers what aspect of the website it is that you like and why.
  3. Would you like the design to contain any images? If you have a specific image you would like to include ensure that it is sent with the design brief. Alternatively if you have an idea of the type of image, but don’t have the image itself our designers can source images for your design. The only exception would be if the image required was very specific, and wouldn’t be available in photographic libraries.
  4. You may have already created elements of the design yourself. If so these can be included with the design brief. Simply attach the file in whichever format you have and we will be able to extract it and manipulate it to fit your template.
  5. When describing the elements you want to incorporate try to list them clearly. That way it will be easier for our designers to interpret your requirements and translate them into a design that works.

But I don’t know what I want?

Some businesses don’t have a clear idea of how they want their website to look. Some just have a logo but don’t know how it could be incorporated into a website template.

Our designers have been creating bespoke templates for many years. They can bring design elements to the templates that you may not have previously considered. If you don’t have a clear idea then forward what you have and tell us the style you want, such and cool and contemporary and let our designers weave their magic.

When do I get my new design?

It generally takes 3-5 working days for a template to be completed. Once finished it will be uploaded to your website and we will notify you by email.

Often our designers hit the nail on the head first time. But occasionally you may want elements of the design changed. Once the template is added you have around 2-3 weeks to request any amendments to the design.

Our aim is to ensure that you are 100% happy with the finished result. As a result we offer a money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied.

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