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It isn’t often that we make a song and dance about websites we’ve found.  But when we find something special we feel it’s important to shout about it. build a website

When you build a website the quality of the images have a big impact on the overall look of the site. To get the very best out of an image it generally requires some form of editing. However, most photo editing packages are expensive and difficult to use.  As a result many small business owners have struggled to achieve the quality of image they require. Now the photo manipulation software provided by Picnik, provides all the facilities of a professional editing package without the cost or technical requirements.

To demonstrate just how good it is, they were acquired by Google last month for an undisclosed figure.

What is Picnik?

Picnik is set of easy to use online photo manipulation tools. It enables you to transform your images with a myriad of effects such as resizing, cropping, touching up as well as adding effects, frames and text. The list is extensive and available in a clear and easy to use format. To upload and save your work you do need to register for a free account. Most of the facilities are free with upgrades available for a more comprehensive set of tools. The cost of an annual upgrade is just $24.95 a year or £16.50 at today’s exchange rate.

How can Picnik help edit images for my website?

Simple changes to an image can make all the difference to how they appear on your website. By sharpening colours, adding warmth or creating shadow, your images can immediately look as though they were created by a professional designer. 

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Features available

  • Resizing –Image can be reduced in size to make uploading and using on your website easier
  • Cropping – Cut out an element of the image to focus on a particular area of interest
  •  Rotation - Rotate, flip or angle your image


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  • Text – Got a special offer on? Add text over the top of your images to attract attention 
  • Effects – Want to bring a bit of style to your image? Why not add effects such as rounded corners and make your image stand out.
  • Frames -  With a wide choice of styles from plain or business to floral and seasonal.

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  • Go wild - Create a collage of images, turm your pictures into puzzles or create 3d effects.

With so much to choose from there's no excuse not to add the professional images you've always wanted. All the images can be saved as a .jpeg making them fully compatible with the Reason8 website builder

All of these features and many more are available at

build a website

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