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Computers were once the size of a small planet. Shrinking to room size, then car size by the 70’s, desktop size by the 80’s and by 1995, you could carry them around in a briefcase. Today, you carry them around in your pocket. Internet is now well and truly mobile. As a website builder, how can you make the most of “the mobile boom!”?

Sitting at your computer at work or at home doing your shopping was great but you can now do it on the bus, at the cinema, on the beach, at the club, on rollerblades (though we don’t recommend this without sufficient safety padding!). 

More and more mobile users are now browsing on the move. More and more tweets (Twitter) come from mobiles. People are watch TV on their phones, whether they are out or at home? Our mobiles are always with us. Most people run their lives using the calendars with handy reminder alarms, so “ON” and “At Hand” is essential! Verbal, Text and Internet Communication, which is always with you and always connected is hard to compete with, when it comes to the convenience and efficiency awards. Whereas TV was the hot medium, the trick now is to get On FONE.

How can you get On FONE.

Some of the most popular applications on mobiles these days iinclude Facebook and Twitter. Set up Facebook and / or Twitter Profiles referencing your business then place profile badges onto your primary pages linked directly with your website. To do this you'll need to get the HTML code for your profile badges and links, which, once in place, will take customers directly to your social networking page(s).

For Facebook, while signed into your account. Create your badge by clicking on "Profile" link at the top of your Facebook page. Roll down to the bottom of the page where you will find "Create a Profile Badge" and click on that link. On the left of the page you will see different badge selections including "Fan Badges," "Profile Badges" and "Photo Badges." The Profile badge is the one you need to promote your Facebook page on your website, according to Facebook. In the centre of the Profile Badges page you will see "Create a badge." You can select from a variety of choices to personalize your badge, including layout and items to add to your badge.

Click the "Save" button underneath the items when you’re happy with your badge. The next page will say, "Badge successfully created." Click "Other" on the next page to copy the HTML code for the badge that is generated by Facebook. 

For Twitter - Simply log in to your account and you will easily find share buttons. Simply choose a style and copy the code. You may want to save the codes in a notepad document, so you've got if you need to set other links. 

Now go to your website control panel Step 3, Webpages. Click to edit your chosen page (such as Home Page). To position your social networking badges at the bottom of the home page, tab down to a clean line at the bottom of the page and type “CODE”. Now, click your “Show HTML” button and scroll right to the bottom of the page, where you should see <p>CODE</p>. Highlight the word “CODE” and paste the code you copied from facebook in its place, making sure it sits exactly between the <p> and </p>. Click to Save your page. 

Should you wish to place your badges anywhere else on your page, you’ll need to give yourself a clear marker to pick out of the confusing page full of code in HTML view. So, while in normal editor, place your cursor where you want the badge to appear and type “XXXXXXCODEXXXXX” (easier to find!!). Then use the alignment buttons in your editor to move it to sit left, right or centre. You may even want to add a single column, single row table to help you get the best positioning. Click your “Show HTML” button and find your “XXXXXXCODEXXXXX”. This time it will be surrounded by a bit more code, such as : <p style="text-align: center">CODE</p>. The text-align: could be left, right or center, depending on the position you set. Highlight the word “CODE” and paste the code you copied in its place, making sure it sits exactly between the > and < brackets. Now Save your page. 

You’re now all set to become Fone Stars.


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