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The search engine Bing was launched in August 2009, as part of a collaboration between Microsoft and Yahoo. Since its launch the search engine has gradually grown in build a websitepopularity.  Although it’s still early days, indications show that Bing could rival the search giant Google.

At Reason8 we’ve always recommended verifying your website with Google. A process we’ve made easy through the Reason8 website control panel. Now using the same easy tools you can verify your site with Bing.

What are the advantages?

Similarly to verifying your site with Google, you can view a snap shot of how the search engines see your site.  At present Bing webmaster tools doesn’t provide as many useful tools as Google does. But plans to improve the information available are planned for later this year.

You can, however, still upload your sitemap (automatically creted by Reason8 for you) which will help Bing crawl your site and list your pages. Although limited, their keyword tool does give some indication on how well Bing believe your pages are targeted for a specific term. 

How to verify your website

Follow the steps below (You will need to navigate between both your Reason8 website control panel and the Bing website. To make it easier keep both screens open during the verification process).

1.    Log into your Reason8 website control panelbuild a website
2.    Click [Step 1 Basic Information]
3.    Click [Google verify]
4.    Click [Bing]
5.    Click [Get a Bing account]

6.    In Bing click [Sign in to use tools] if you have an account or [Sign up] to register
7.    Click [Add site]
8.    Under Site, enter your full website name.
9.    Go back to the Reason8 control panel

build a website10.    In Step 2 copy your sitemap address e.g.
11.    Return to the Bing site and paste  the address where is says “Site Map address”
12.    Under contact information enter your email address
13.    Click [Submit]

14.    Click [return to site list]
15.    Copy the series of characters next to your website name e.g.7E9F0593F9C5933FF85BAbuild a website1
16.    Return to your website control panel
17.    In Step 3 paste the characters into the box provided
18.    Click Submit
19.    Return to the BING website
20.    Wait 10 minutes then click the website name. This will confirm if the verification process was successful.


build a website

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