Changing Domain names

There are many reasons why a website owner may want to change their domain name. Usually it is build a websitedue to the business name or focus changing. When building a website using the Reason8 website builder changing your domain name is simple. However there are always important considerations to take into account.

How popular is your current name?

Are you already getting traffic to your website? If you are, by changing the name completely, you could lose existing customers. In this situation it is worth keeping the old name at least in the short term. Although you can only have one main domain name, you can have several secondary names. When the secondary name is used, users are automatically directed to the new or primary name. In this scenario many visitors will not even notice the change. Remember if you plan to remove the old name completely you need to ensure eventually that users are aware of the change. 

Effects on the search engines

A major downside of changing a domain name is that you lose all of your present search engine rankings. Over time your website gains credibility. It gradually builds links from other websites and moves up the search engine listings for your key phrases. All these links and credibility is attached to the domain name. If you change the name, you are in effect starting again even if the old name is kept as a secondary address. The impact will be minimal if the website is relatively new or you experience little traffic.  But if you already have a good position, and rank well then the change can be damaging. 

However if he name change is to be permanent, a short term loss may be worthwhile for the long term gain. If this is the case the sooner the name is changed the better. The longer you wait to make the changes the bigger the impact will be and the longer the recovery time.
This aspect of changing your domain name is the one that requires the most consideration. 

Search Engine Advertising

Many website owners pay to advertise with the search engines, using services such as ‘Google Adwords’. When creating a campaign you can only use the primary domain name for your ads. This prevents multiple adverts appearing in Google for the same website. If you have multiple names for your website it is worth considering using the name which best describes your business. The name, would rank better for a search for London builders, than the actual business name of www. This is a typical reason a business would attach multiple names to their website.

How to change your domain name

When building your website with Reason8 changing your domain name is simple. The following steps will show you how :

Buying a domain name via Reason8 (easier option)

1. Log into the Reason8 website control panel.¬¬
2. Click Upgrade button to the left
3. Select to register a new domain name
4. Select the name you want to register and click submit
5. We will automatically register the name to you and direct it to your website as an additional name.

Buying a Domain name from a third party

1. Register the domain name with a provider of your choice
2. Log into the Reason8 website Control Panel
3. Click Upgrade button to the left
4. Select to transfer another domain name
5. Enter the name you want to add and click submit
6. We will automatically set up your site to receive the name as an additional name.

Either of these options will purchase and add another name to your site. If you need the current primary name to be changed or removed completely, the following will show you how.

Changing your current domain name.

1. Follow the steps above depending on how you plan to purchase your name.
2. Email us at
3. Provide your old and new domain name and confirm what changes you would like us to make i.e change the new name to become the primary name or remove the old one completely.

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