Choosing your Website Colour Scheme

The colour scheme displayed throughout the pages of a website can either welcome viewers in for an enjoyable stay to read through your information or send people screaming with eyes bleeding into the arms of your competitor. Well maybe not eyes bleeding, I suppose that’s a little strong … but it’s a point to be carefully considered.  Your Reason8 website builder makes it very easy for you to choose any number of colour schemes for your website. The tricky bit is sticking to it throughout your site.

Certain colours and combinations don’t strain the eyes, are easy to look at and absorb, and can look far more stylish than a jumble of bold brash primary colours. Bold colours can be used alongside gentler colours of course but should be used sparingly. Try to think clean and contemporary.

What is “Contemporary Design”? A real buzzword made famous by the Makeover programmes which appeared on our screens a few years back. The term “Contemporary” has several definitions, the main ones being: “a style, which is simple, clean and offers an uncluttered look” or “modern or existing at the present time “

Generally, it means “simple and timeless”, a design, which will hang on to its 'contemporary' badge for years to come. Look at some of the more successful websites online. You’ll see Pastel shades or soft colours cushioned by lots of white space for visual relief.
Google’s colourful logo works because of the amount of white space behind it. The colours aren’t fighting with bright backgrounds. The designers of these sites know what they’re doing – feel free to follow their example.

When you choose your colour scheme, pick out two or three main colours. Balance them with plenty of white space and use text colours of black or even grey! Grey text can look very clean and helps to highlight coloured text used on headings and important statements.
Make sure there is a quiet contrast between your background and your content. Images always look far better on a white background in my opinion as their colours and quality shine through more clearly and cleanly. It’s vitally important for product shots to be of the best quality possibly so don’t undermine them with conflicting backgrounds.

Bespoke Design

Your website header is one of the first things people see. If you are going to the trouble of achieving the perfect design for your website pages then why not give your header a makeover too. Reason8 provide an unbelievable low cost option to have a completely bespoke header created by a professional designer. You can provide a selection of images, your company logo, a slogan and of course your colour scheme. The designer will create a header, which will not only add that extra touch of class and professionalism but will also work well with your newly colour designed content to make you sure you stand out from your competition.

To order your Bespoke Header or Website Design, go to Step 2 (Style) and choose Website Design > Custom Design. Fill in the simple form and wait for your gorgeous new website to appear online.

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