Flexible Shopping

E-commerce is a continually growing shopping medium, which continues to out-perform high street shopping as shoppers look for both bargains and convenience. As a website builder, your E-commerce website needs to offer as much choice as possible to compete with the visible options and choice offered when customers actually go into a shop to browse. Your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard makes it very simple to offer such choices and options.

Your website uses a shopping cart system called Mal’s e-commerce (one of the most respected website companies on the internet). You can add products really quickly, sort your items, sell your products with different options, offer other items at the same time and give discount for bulk purchase. If that wasn’t enough your customers can enjoy a checkout with the smooth running process and functionality that many would expect from much larger online stores. 

One of the cleverest aspects of the shopping basket wizard is the mini version of your much loved page editor, which allows you to create perfect descriptions and layouts to make each item as attractive as possible. You can even include images of other similar products or the same products in different colours and link to their respective basket items.

Let’s look at how to do this.

Before you go to your wizard, we need to do a little image preparation. Open the programme you use to edit and optimise your images. Paint, Picasa, Paint shop, adobe etc. Open the images, which you can use as options for the first item that we’re going to edit. For instance you may have an image for each colour or images for the slight style variations. Resize them to between 50-75 pixels width. The height should automatically change to fit. Click Save As for the new sized images and in the image name window, add “small” onto the end of the name so it saves as a new image. Make sure you’re saving it to the right folder so you can find it easily.

Assuming you’ve already added your shopping basket items, click Step 4, then click the green “Edit” button next to the Group you want to work on. You‘ll see all the items in your group and on each you have a choice to: view, edit or delete. Click the “edit” button next to your first item. In the description editor, enter a line such as “Also available in the following colour / styles. On a new line underneath, Click the red “Insert Image” icon and add each of the new small images one at a time. Go back to the first one and left click once to select, then click the Yellow “Insert Link” icon and select “Webpage” > “Internal Webpage” > “Item” and select the item from the drop down menu. Link each image to its respective item and then click “Next”. You should also make sure that colour options are featured as a standard option on each item. Click here to view the Tutorial on how to do this.

Once you’ve added the images and options, Go to Test your website and have a look to make sure it all works smoothly. If it’s not quite right, simply click Step 4 and Tweak it. 

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