Grab Internet Users Attention with Flash

Grabbing the attention of your website visitors and passing internet users is a challenge for all website builders. A proven way to stop people in their tracks is with movement. An animated logo or slogan, a sequence of relevant images, a movie with sound, even a cute animated character can all help to encourage visitors to take a look at your website. This kind of movement or animation is provided by an application called Flash.

Adobe Flash, formerly known as "Macromedia Flash" is streaming animation for web pages. The information or data can be viewed pretty much straight away, as while you’re looking at the first few seconds of the film the rest of the data continues to download (you may have seen a little  rotating circle and the word “buffering”) while you watch. Flash therefore offers an effective way to include powerful animations for website visitors. A webpage can either feature a small section of Flash animation or the whole page can be made using Flash.

The only downside is that some companies or organisations block certain file formats including flash due to Virus or security fears. Not everyone has “Flash Player” but more and more people are downloading the free reader programme on to their computers and it’s frequently included as a standard programme these days.

There are several ways you can add some Flash animation to your Reason8 website.
Firstly, you could go for one of our unbelievably low priced professionally design website headers to give your site a completely new look for very little outlay. A professional Flash Designer can create a completely bespoke header for your site, based on your logo or any existing literature, colour schemes or brand identity for as little as £30.

Secondly, you can actually upload flash files and movies straight onto your page.
A supplier, association, organisation or friend may have given you a flash file (.swf) or you might have downloaded a flash file from the Internet. There are thousands of fun and free flash files available for download these days, but be careful not to get too excited…, you don’t want to end up with a site which looks like a Blackpool Amusement Arcade!!

How to Add Flash

Once you have your file and have decided which page you’d like to put it on – you need to use your Movie File Wizard. First you have to upload your Flash file, through the Movie File Wizard. In the main control panel window, in the column of buttons down the left side, click the Manage Pictures and Files (Upload Files) button. Then click the link for “Video”. If you haven’t already added extra movie space to your website, click the Add more space, It costs just 25p + VAT per MByte per month and video storage is available in blocks of 10MBytes.

Once you have your storage space in place, click to browse for your flash file (.swf) and click upload.

Next go to the page on which you’d like your flash file to appear. Its always best to tab down to a clear line / paragraph. If you want your flash file to sit next to any existing content, insert a single column, single row table, which you can then align right or left to sit neatly within your content.

Click to place your cursor where you want your flash image to sit (inside the table cell if you are using a table) and click the Insert / Edit Flash button on your page editor icon bar.  A drop down menu of the flash files you have uploaded will appear in the next window with a preview of the file showing.

If you know the exact size of the flash file, enter this in the relevant boxes now. If the size is left blank, the system will automatically set a minimum size. You can enter widths and heights to amend the size but avoid entering sizes, which are bigger than the files true size. Once you click Add to Website, you will see a Flash file box on the edit view of your page. You can left, right or centre align this box to get the position just right, then clik “Save Page” to see the live flash file on your page. If you need to go back to your flash file to amend the size, simply click back to edit view on your page and right click the Flash File box > Insert Flash file to open the insert window again.


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