Benefits of Extra On Page Navigation...

As a website builder, one of your first tasks is to make sure that your website presents an inviting, inspiring and easy to use environment for your visitors. Your next task is to grab their attention.  A new Flash animated website header is a great way to do this. Go to Step 2 in your control panel to explore this option. Holding on to their attention requires an inviting homepage with good quality images and plenty of keyword rich, descriptive information. Internet users often want the quickest, easiest route to what they are looking for. The whole point of the internet is speed and convenience, so make sure your website offers both.

How can you do this?

It’s vital to encourage visitors to keep moving in the right direction, i.e. towards your products, services or contact & response pages. The best way to do that is to make it as quick and easy for them as possible. Your standard menu buttons, which sit down the left hand side of your website, are of course the first point of navigation. Make sure these buttons stand out and offer the best encouragement by making use of the new button styling wizard. View the Blog on how to do this.

But how else can you make sure visitors click through to your other website pages? The answer is On Page Navigation. By including links to other pages within your text and by using images as buttons within your pages, you can offer visitors endless and enticing options to keep moving. It also provides them with a welcome and handy map of your site, almost like having a road sign at every corner with an instant portal to transport them there in a split second – unless of course they’re still using a dial up connection?!

A website with little or no navigation is a website without structure and organisation.
In an ideal world, visitors should be able to get to any page in just a couple of clicks, with your main pages being just one click away.

Include a Prominent Link to your Products Pages or Shopping Basket.

From your Home page or certainly one of your main primary pages, you should start with a prominent link to your product pages of shopping basket. If you’ve created an index page highlighting your range of products, then set your link to this. See the Blog on creating an Index Page.

Create a line of text on your chosen primary page, such as: “Click here to view our Products”, highlight the text then click the “Insert / Edit Link” icon. Choose: WEBPAGE > Internal Webpage > Webpage. Now you will see a drop down menu of all the pages on your website. Simply choose the relevant page, and then click “Add to Website”. Save your page, click the link you have just created and you should be taken to your chosen page.

Link to your Shopping Basket.

Link to a group of products within your shopping basket. Highlight the text for your “Link” then click the “Insert / Edit Link” icon. Choose: WEBPAGE > Internal Webpage > Group. Choose the relevant group from the drop down menu, and then click “Add to Website”. To link to a specific item within your shopping basket rather than a whole group, choose: WEBPAGE > Internal Webpage > Item.

Using an image to create a link.

Simply highlight the image by left clicking once then click the “Insert / Edit Link” icon. Choose: WEBPAGE > Internal Webpage > Page / Group / Item. If you are using images as links, it can help to add some instructional text to the image using programs such as Paint Shop, Adobe or there’s a neat little programme called, which you can download FREE from the internet.
You can set internal links anywhere on your web pages and to be honest the more the merrier. The easier it is for your visitors to travel through your site the better.


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